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I always thought a three way would be fun, but my bitch of a wife always puts a twist on everything. I walked out of the bathroom to see the video camera set up and a huge dick already in my wife’s mouth. I asked her what the hell and he actually told me to shut the fuck up and lick his balls.
My wife just laughed and made me do it and soon I’m licking these big black balls and I don’t know how I wound up making this cuckold video. That’s the most action I got all night. They made me sit naked to the side of the bed, close enough to touch her and hear them both yelling at me but not allowed to fuck her or leave.
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My girlfriend and I got into a huge fight the other day, so to get back at me she brought some fucking guy home. I was minding my own business watching TV when they burst into the apartment making out, clothes flying, like they are in some kind of porno or something.

They topple onto the couch and start making out right on top of me! I tried to get em off but this guy was big and not going anywhere. Guess this porno is really a cuckold video and I’m the lucky cuckold. Suddenly her tits are out and he is licking them all over. She tells him, no joke, “Oh my god, my boyfriend has never sucked my tits like that.

I want you to fuck em’.” Next thing I know she is pushing her tits together and his big ass cock is flying in front of my face between her tits. She never lets me titty fuck her! She hates it when I suck her nipples cuz she says I suck at it, and here she is letting this asshole fuck her tits and lick them all over!

That’s not even the worst part. By the time they finished fucking on me and he left I had the most shameful erection of my life and she just went to sleep.  

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giffMy wife cheated on me five times before we got married and I still married the whore! Shouldn’t surprise me that she is still fucking everyone and their husbands. She has taken a sadistic turn lately though. She wants to make me watch.

One night I came home to her bent over the kitchen counter, one big dick in her ass and the other in her mouth, her in the middle moaning her brains out. She has never moaned like that for me. The orgasmic power of these dicks made mine shrivel up and hide inside of me. My wife, the cuckoldress. Never thought I would see the day. And here it is in the middle of my fucking kitchen.

She doesn’t even say a word to me, just climbs on the counter and begs the one whose dick was just in her mouth to fuck her harder. She rides him on the counter, her tits bouncing so hard up and down and my shame growing with every single thrust until finally she let him cum on her tits. That’s not even the worst part of this cuckold story.

The fucking other guy comes over and jerks it onto her tits with the other one and then they both just leave and she goes to bed like nothing fucking happened!  

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giffuyI would be a fool to think my wife isn’t constantly fucking other guys. I was actually really surprised when she told me that she wanted me to see her fucking someone else, didn’t realize what a cuckold it would really make out of me.

At first I thought it was an experience that would bring us closer together, but the whole time she was fucking this big black dude all I could do was watch and listen to her. “Fuck me harder, ooh yeah, you fuck me so much better than my husband.” She would say, or, “Your cock is so much bigger than his let me suck it.” Watching my wife’s interracial fuck fest was beyond humiliating.

The worst part was when she got on her knees and begged him to cum all over her face. She won’t even let me cum in her direction, let alone on her and here she is begging this big black dick to jizz on her face. How much shame do you think that made me feel? I don’t’ think I’ve ever hated myself more.

Guess this is how guys always feel in their cuckold videos though and I should have expected it from such a heartless bitch.  

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My wife and I answered a swingers’ ad and met up with a good looking couple at their place.  Excited that I may finally be getting my dick wet for a change, imagine my horror when my wife, another man and his wife wouldn’t even let me join in the fun.

My cuckoldress wife said I didn’t deserve it, and why don’t I just watch and learn something for a change.  All I could do was watch from across the room and be the unwilling cameraman in this cuckold video while another man and woman pleasured my wife.

I couldn’t take my eyes off them all as he hammered his huge cock into my wife’s waiting pussy and his wife sucked my wife’s beautiful nipples. I tried to play with my own cock, but they’d all keep catching me at it and order me to stop while the three of them licked, sucked and fucked each other

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Interracial Gangbang Distresses Cuckold Husband

I could never keep my wife satisfied, no matter how hard I tried.  At the local bar, she said she was finally going to get herself satisfied and bring home a few guys to fuck right in front of me.

I didn’t think she’d actually do it, but within 20 minutes, she’d rounded up four grinning young men and made me drive us all back to our house.  After ordering me to fetch them all some drinks, she didn’t waste any time stripping off everything but her boots and dropping to her knees to start sucking the black man’s huge cock.

Before long the other three had their pants off and took turns fucking my cuckoldress and laughing at me, while all I could do was sit there and watch in humiliation.  Then she ordered me to film the cuckold video all so that she would have something to masturbate to later.

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Cuckold Fool – The Gardener Got My Wife Dirty


Two days ago I brought my whore of a wife a gorgeous diamond necklace, and she threw it in my face because she’d wanted rubies.  So yesterday afternoon I came home with rubies for that ungrateful bitch, and I see her with her legs spread wide open getting her pussy eaten by our gardener.

His filthy hands were pinching her nipples, and she just looked at me, licked her glossy lips and smiled.  He didn’t even flinch when he noticed me, and then made my wife stand up and turn around so that he could slap her ass and shove her down on the bed on all fours to fuck her in the ass.

I’d never heard her scream like that before; she sure never came that hard with me.  When they were done, he made me strip naked and walk outside, where he cooled me off with the hose he used to water the azaleas.

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My Wife Gets Properly Fucked by Another Man

My raise was lousy again this year, and my wife had been bitching at me for weeks. One night she saunters in, dressed to the nines with a well-dressed, obviously wealthy black man she’d met at work.

Walking right past me sitting on the sofa, she dropped to her knees and began sucking him off, telling me what a useless shit I was every time she came up for air.

The man kept pumping his hips into her face, nearly making her gag on his huge black cock while he ran his dark hands through her silky hair and all I could do was watch and whimper in this cuckolding.

Then he had the nerve to order me to get him a pillow to put under her hips so that she’d be in a better position for her hungry pussy to take the full force of his cock in this interracial humiliation of me, the forever cuckold

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Interracial Cuckold Shaming

At the gym, my bitch wife was shamelessly ogling this guy with ripped, ebony muscles in the weights section. I could practically see her pussy getting wet through her workout pants as she continued to eye him.

Pretty soon he came over, jingling a key to the private backroom. Feeling like the ultimate fool, I just followed them in there and watched in disbelief as the two of them began devouring each other.

I couldn’t get over how much bigger his cock was than mine, and how loud she moaned as he pumped her soaking pussy with his huge black rod. I was sickened and humiliated and yet my tiny dick was rock hard and glistening in pre-cum watching him bang my wife senseless.

I was too stunned to even object when he ordered me to massage his asshole (even that was muscular) while he plunged his cock deeper and deeper into my evil cuckoldress wife.

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My Wife Brings Home Black Men from Nightclub

I took my wife to the club, knowing full well her intention was to pick up several black men to bring back home for an interracial gang bang that excluded me.

It didn’t take her long to round up several grinning and snickering young black studs all too willing to fuck my gorgeous wife while I, the cuckold, impotently watched in anguish.

Once home, I sat on the corner chair while these young black men took turns with my shameless cuckoldress, all of them moaning and cumming while I just sat there with my much smaller erection straining against my trousers.

It was almost too much with them all laughing and calling me a needle dick. I only got to join in and have a taste when they had me lick her pussy clean in between fucking partners. Once they were finally spent, my wife had me fetch them all drinks and then drive them home

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