Big Black Cocks for Cuckoldress Bitch


know this bitch who loves to cuckold her man with the biggest black cock she can get her hands on (indeed, get her hands around would probably be more accurate!). She is not content with any old big black cock; it has to be just right, and if you can believe it, there is also a minimum size! Now I’ve seen a lot of cuckold movies, but when you see the type of black guys this babe gets hold of you’ll wonder just where she gets them from, simply because they’re bigger than anything I’ve ever seen in a cuckold video.

I think the biggest one I’ve seen her playing around with was about the length of the lower part of my arm, and probably just as thick. Hell this would put the other black guys to shame in the cuckold movies I’ve seen; she could well turn them into cuckolds too if they’re not too careful; perhaps she should do a gang bang cuckold movie and sort out the men from the boys.

When it comes to her cuckold husband, well he’s a jabbering wreck of a man. It’s not surprising really when she brings home a big black guy with a monster cock almost every other night of the week is it?

cuckhold movies are in fashion


Apparently it doesn’t matter if you’re into cuckold movies or not, you don’t even have to be into the fetish and you don’t have to me a cuckold; apparently everyone is watching them these days. Cuckold video sales are up and the rental of cuckold videos has increased by around 30% over the last 6 months. What this says about people, and more importantly what it says about the person who looks into these statistics is beyond me, but I’m pretty sure it’s a good thing. This can only be good news for us cuckold movie fans because if more people like it they’re bound to make more of them aren’t they?

If they make more cuckold movies then that means they’ll be more cuckolds on the scene, or at least more of them coming out and declaring they are. This is good for everyone when you think about it. Not only is it good for the cuckolds because they can approach their partners a little more openly, the women can also have a fling when they want, and also all those people out there who have absolutely no interest in cuckolding at all will get the opportunity to fuck someone else’s wife much more often!

my own bull and cuckold movie


So I’m standing there in my kitchen while my girlfriend is getting fucked from behind by her best friend. They both know I’m not going to do anything about it so they just carry on and don’t even listen to me. To begin with, her lover steps back and nearly trips over me. In true cuckold movie style my girlfriend pauses, turns to me and tells me to stand out of the fucking way because she’s “trying to get a decent fuck for once”. Well this was something straight out of the cuckold movies world wasn’t it? And do you know what I did? I did move. In fact I moved right over to the other side of the room and said nothing.

Occasionally, like every good cuckold movie, my girlfriend would look over at me and tell me to quit fucking staring or something equally as rude. And it was when she realised I was taking it on the chin like this that she told me to strip naked. I wasn’t quick to do it believe me, I felt humiliated already, and it was quite clear that her lover had a much bigger cock than me; in fact he had take it out of her pussy and she was stroking it while she was talking to me. This was just like a cuckold movie and I was actually starting to go along with it in exactly the way you’d expect a young cuckold to do when he’s learning the ropes.

The moment of truth was here, and just like in all good cuckold videos I’ve seen since that day, I knew that I had to strip and become even more humiliated than I was already! As I stripped myself off, much to the surprise of my girlfriend’s lover, who was beginning to look a little more uncomfortable than I was when I walked in, I knew that I was going to completely and utterly humiliated. I’ve never seen a cuckold movie since this day that has had a cuckold with a bigger cock than his woman’s lover, have you? Of course you haven’t, because guys with big cocks do not become cuckolds; they make them!

The two of them were talking to each other about how pathetic I was and how I wasn’t arguing about any of this and how they knew my cock was going to be tiny. He had already started to grab his own cock in a self satisfied kind of way, and he was rubbing it near my girlfriend’s legs as they waited for me to get mine out. When I finally got it out they both laughed out loud in true cuckold movie style and carried on fucking each other without even looking at me. The only thing either one of them said after this was my girlfriend telling me to fetch them both a drink, but not to put my clothes on, they’d like to be served by me naked.

my own cuckold movie


When I was younger I had a girlfriend who cuckolded me. This is when I realised I was into the whole thing, and ever since that day I’ve been watching cuckold movies and collecting all the cuckold videos I can. She was only 20 when she made a cuckold of me, and it wasn’t even intentional to begin with. That sounds a little strange doesn’t it?

Well it is to tell the truth. It happened many years ago when I’d just decided to move in with my girlfriend. She had a close friend at work and before too long she started bringing this guy around for coffee. I didn’t like it at first because I could tell they were flirting, but I managed to get over it and move forward because I was pretty cool back then.

Then I found them both together in our house, in the kitchen. He was fucking her from behind over the kitchen counter and he had her boobs in his hands. He looked at me when I walked in the door and started to stop what he was doing. Of course, me being an idiot said something sarcastic, that was later interpreted to be literal. I said “oh no, don’t stop on my account!” Well she didn’t, and this is where my first cuckold movie experience came from

is cuckolding a new fantasy

  Is it my imagination, or is there an awful lot of people getting into cuckolding and the cuckold scene? Seems to be a growing trend on the net now with people searching for cuckold related sites everyday – probably thousands of people actually. 

I remember back about 7 years ago, there weren’t too many cuckold sites to be found. I searched a lot and always came up with the same ones. In the last few years there has been a bit of an explosion in these types of websites. So the interest must be there. There must be a lot of guys who want to be cuckolded, or at least fantasize about it. Not sure if there are many who put it into practice – main problem is most women don’;t understand d it, especially poor old wifey. Wifes usually haven’t a clue what cuckolding is all about. 

Guys who are into the scene all want to much their wife’s getting sex from a bull while they act the cuckold. Great in theory, but how good in practice? You risk the wife leaving you for the bull or stud if you’re not careful. 

Anyway long live the fantasy!

black master with cuckolds


Another Big Black Guy Makes Another Cuckold.

They should call some of these black dudes the cuckold makers or something. I love it when you see these massive monsters with cocks the size of an ordinary man’s arm fucking their way happily through a list of other people’s wives. It must be a pretty exhilarating feeling being the one whom does the cuckolding in the cuckold movies.

 I mean, if I had a larger cock (and I don’t sadly) I would certainly want this role wouldn’t you? It would pretty awesome to fuck you neighbour’s wife in a cuckold video while he was forced to watch you do it wouldn’t it? Bearing in mind that he would have to have a cock much smaller than your so it would work out. How embarrassing must it be for a guy going for an audition for a cuckold video, only to find out that his cock is smaller than the cuckold!

No, the cuckolding job belongs to the big black guy, they are the most popular guys for the job and that’s surely how it’s going to stay! I would happily see my wife screwed by an enormous black cock, and I bet that she wouldn’t complain either once they got started! Enjoy yourself looking around the blog, and thanks for reading my posts.

cuckold video star

 Cuckold Video Star.

I do believe that it is the cuckold who is the star of the cuckold video. Some would have you believe that it’s the wife and her lover that are the stars, since they are the only ones that are actually engaging in anything remotely pornographic, but that isn’t how it works you see. When it comes to cuckold movies it’s all about what the poor cuckold has to watch and put up with; otherwise we may as well watch any old porno and not bother with an exclusively made cuckold movie at all.

It’s not what the cuckold does that makes him the star of the show; it’s what he doesn’t do when you might expect them to. It makes you look at the situation from your own point of view, and when you do this you can thoroughly appreciate just how hard it must be in real terms. Even though they are acting in a cuckold movie you know that should this happen to you, and it was your wife getting it on with another man in front of you, you would probably not be able to tolerate it in the same way as these cuckold actors do. At the end of the day, it takes a lot to see your own wife fucked by another.

my wife might make me a cuckold

Caught in the act!
My wife caught me watching cuckold movies the other night and I think she might actually be thinking about making me a cuckold. It’s not that I have anything against the idea that I’m so anxious about it, it’s just that I’ve never actually considered my wife as a cuckoldress before.
I’ve seen enough cuckold videos to know what goes on, and I actually think that I could handle seeing my wife fucked hard by another man; in fact I could even get to grips with the idea that I could make my own cuckold video. It can’t be that hard to make your own cuckold movie can it? I mean, all you really have to do is tell your wife that she can fuck someone else as long as she lets you watch; and if she wants she can tell you what to do occasionally and force you to give her foot massages and things like that during her fucking session; oh, alright then, now I see what would happen, she’d cuckold me just to get a foot rub I know it!
I hope you like cuckold movies and that you’re going to spend a little time on my blog looking around. You’ll find everything you want right here. Enjoy yourself!

cuckold and bull videos

whats the big deal about cuckold videos. Well its the excitment of watching a video where there is a wife getting fucked by some bull, usually a well hung one. Sometimes its some big black guy fucking a white wife and that is exciting in itself. Maybe you imagine this guy is fucking your wife when you watch these cuckold videos.

Yep, its a big fantasy nowadays. Guys like us fantasizing about our wifes getting fucked by some hung bull or stud. Thats why us guys love the cuckold videos. Especially the amateur ones, where the hubby is filming his white wife getting it hard from some black dude with a big hard cock. Those are big scenes in the world of cuckold videos –  hey thats what its all about!

so if you are into watching or thinking about your wife having sex with another guy while you watch, then you will most defiantely get your kicks from a good old cuckold video.