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My chat room visits continued for another few weeks, and then I met a new guy online with a web name of Horny Hubby. He said that he had been enjoying my pictures on the site for quite a while, and he wanted to introduce himself. The first picture he posted was amazing. He was in good shape and looked to be about 6’ tall and about 185 pounds, but the best thing about him was his thick, eight inch cock and large, hanging balls. I had seen many cock pictures on the interest by then, but he was so nicely proportioned and I liked looking at the heavy veins on his cock and the large cock head.

 He was also different from many of the other men because he was polite and didn’t start out talking about wanting to fuck me like most of the other men and women did. We chatted almost every afternoon from then on, and I was beginning to feel close to him. I found out that he was married and worked from home, and that his wife worked outside of the home and had lost all interest in sex after their two kids were born. His situation sounded very familiar to me, but I never tried further to discover his identity. After all, I liked my anonymity, and didn’t want to push anyone else for their identities. I also told him that I had an okay sex life, but because my cuckold husband has a small dick, we liked to fantasize about other men fucking me.

After several weeks of chatting online with Horny Hubby, I told Ed about him, and that he was the one guy that I had met online that I thought I could really fuck. Although this was supposedly just a part of our fantasies, that fueled our sexual excitement even more, we were routinely fucking with Horny Hubby’s cock picture up on the computer screen. Ed was getting more and more into the cuckold thing, and I was having a hard time controlling my desires. I was ready to take my relationship with Horny Hubby to the next level. On our conversation the next day I wrote, “Hey Horny Hubby, I was just wondering if you have ever thought about meeting with me or any other horny women you meet on the internet? I just thought you might be interested since your wife gives you so little pussy.” Perhaps we could film  cuckold videos on the subject

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She winked at me as I walked past her. She was with her husband so I didn’t think much of it and just went to the back freezes. “ Hi.” She appeared next to me with the biggest and horniest smile I had ever seen. “ My cuckold husband says I should fuck you in the freezes. So fuck me please.” She begged. I shock my head and took her hand and led her to a private cold part of the freezers.

She bent down below me and began to suck my cock nice and hard. “ You sure your cuckold is ok with this?” I asked as I looked down at her head going back and forth over my cock, giving me the best blow job I had ever been given. Even with the cold air around us I was warmer then ever.

She nodded and removed her mouth. She pulled down her thong from under her skirt and welcomed my cock into her pussy. I thought I was dreaming until I felt her warm pussy engulf my cock within minutes.

I pumped in and out of her pussy hard and fast. I would take my finger and rub it across her clit and lick off the extra juices dripping down onto the freezer floor. She tasted amazing and I wondered if I should stop and just do 69 with her instead. But it was too late I think I was close to shooting my seed into her pussy and she could tell.

She was moaning and purring and making me harder with every sound she made. I shot my seed into her pussy and pulled out to see a fat cream pie line her pussy lips and cunt. She got up, kissed my check and said. “ You are an amazing fuck. You should come over some time and show my cuckold husband how a real man fucks a woman.” She placed her card into my hands and walked off, dripping of my cum and her juices slightly.

From then on whenever I saw her at the store, I would stop everything, take her to the back and make her suck my cock before I filled her with fresh cum for her husband to enjoy once she got home.

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I signed up to be the boyfriend of a woman with a cuckold husband. We had a weekly date planned. It consisting of me coming over for dinner, waiting until their kids went to sleep and then fucking her brains out while he watched unable to do anything to himself.
“ Hi baby.” She said kissing me as I walked into the room. She only dressed up for me she said. Today it was a sexy short dress that showed the smallest amount of her pretty pussy already. “ The kids are at grandma’s so we can start the fun before dinner.”
It was music to my ears of course. She led me to the backyard with my hand on her ass the whole time. Once we were outside I slipped my finger into her ass hole and teased it a bit. “ Hey.” I said to her cuckold husband. She never told me his name , she said he was unimportant and not worthy of being considered important whenever we were together.
“ I’m going to fuck you ass tonight. And cum inside your pussy.” I said pushing my finger deeper inside her.
“ Lovely.. my cuckold husband will enjoy the flavor I’m sure.” She smiled and began to remove her clothing. “ Lets fuck outside tonight baby.”
We were fucking on the grass only moments later. I fucked her pussy a little then used some lube to get her ass ready for my cock. We were only a few inches from her handcuffed cuckold husband and he could see me slam my cock into his wife’s virgin ass. I fucked her good and she begged me for it harder and faster too. She begged me to cum all over her ass so that he husband could suck it out of there.
It seemed like a nice idea. I pulled out a bit and came all over her ass and a part of her pussy. Before going to clean up, I unhandcuffed her cuckold husband and said “ Clean her up for me really nice. I want to fuck a clean ass not a cum filled one.” And walked away to see him bend down behind his wife and lick her ass and pussy clean.
It was then I loved being her boyfriend the most.

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She had asked me to install some cable boxes for her. I think it was part of her plan to seduce me into fucking her in the middle of her home in front of her husband. Any woman who opens the door naked for a complete stranger must be a horny woman.
“ I want you to fuck me then install the cable box.” She said rubbing her fingers across her nipples. “ In front of my cuckold husband.” She added pointing to the man completely naked and handcuffed to a chair. He wouldn’t be able to join in or jerk off while I fucked her.

It seemed odd at first but after being single for 1 year and not fucking anyone for the last 6 months it seemed to be a good deal. I called in saying that there was a traffic delay and I would be late for the other job.
I started at her nipples because they looked yummy just like the rest of her. My fingers traced her clit while my tongue outlined each one of her nipples. Then I asked her to ride me. I didn’t want to loose sight of her breast. She bounced up and down over my bare cock. for a few minutes then begged me to pull her hair while I fucked her from behind.
She bent down right in front of her husband. “ I want my cuckold husband to see your fat cock stretch out my pussy.” She explained. I didn’t care. I slammed my cock into her and she screamed out. Her cuckold husband tugged at the handcuffs but it didn’t work. Instead he just had to watch while only inches in front of him I stretch out his wife’s pussy and made her scream out as she came a number of times.
I shot my seed into her only moments later. I didn’t know having someone watch us would be this much fun. I pulled out, went to the bathroom to clean up and came out to find him still handcuffed but now with his face between her legs, licking out all of the cream pie I had just filled her with.
He licked her while I plugged in the cable box and was still eating out my cum when I said my good byes. Next time we will shoot our own cuckold videos for husband to watch perhaps!

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I was already drunk and my finger was up inside her pussy the whole time the taxi drove us to her apartment. “ My cuckold husband isn’t home right now. He won’t care if you fuck me and treat me like your slut.” She whispered into my ear. My finger only drove into her pussy harder after hearing those magical words.

When we got into her home, I removed her cloths as fast as I could. I ran my hands around her nipples and forced them into my mouth for a nice helping of the warm flesh that was sensitive and tasty. She moaned more because even then I had yet to stop fingering her. “ Fuck me Matt.” She said. I was shocked she remembered my name. “ My cuckold husband is going to be so jealous of your fat cock.” She said taking my cock into her hand and undoing my jeans. I was naked within moments. I knew that my cockold hubby would like to see a nice cockold movie of us together

We fucked in tons of positions. I made her ride me first. I admired her amazing breast going up and down on top of my cock. And feeling her semi-tight pussy take hold of my cock and fuck me into ecstasy. Then I fucked her from behind. Pulling her hair only made her scream my name out more. I loved her screaming out my name. Each time she did I would place my finger over her clit and rub it. “ Fuck me Matt, make my cuckold husband wish he had your skills.” She moaned and begged for it.

I was in heaven by the time I finally filled her pussy with my cum. She was in heaven too, she screamed out as her third orgasm filled her body and made her eyes bug out completely.

Once she came back to Earth she called in her husband. I was too drunk to even wonder what he was going to do. She got up and began to suck my cock back into a hard on while he husband place his head under her pussy and began to suck out all of my cum mixed with her cum. It was weird but he was a cuckold husband and she was his controller so I didn’t care. I just rubbed her pretty blond hair while she sucked me back into a nice hard on and prepared me for round two of a fuck long night.

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It started with a slight peak of her shaved white pussy. Then it went from taking a slow walk to the bathroom to being in the janitor’s closet with her bending over in front of my face and making me lick the drippings I had caused. “ I’m so wet because of you. Lick off my wetness baby.” She purred. I didn’t even have to think twice. I place my tongue between her pussy lips and began to lick and drink the sweet nectar of her aroused pussy juices. “ My cuckold husband is going to be so fucking jealous . Maybe I will take a cuckold video of our sex!

 I never let him taste my juices.” She said. She was married and I didn’t care. I just keep licking. My tongue pressed further into her tight cunt and I began to tongue fuck her with it. My cock stirred inside my pants. “ Would your cuckold husband mind if I cum inside you baby?” I asked. She didn’t say a word inside she rushed to get my cock out of my pants and bent over once again inviting my cock into her bareback. It was rare I got to fuck a woman without a condom and right now it was a married woman. This was like my birthday and Christmas all wrapped into one.

And I was about to press into one dripping tight as fuck pussy of a woman who fucked many man while her cuckold husband didn’t care. I fucked her. She screamed out as she shock her hips against mine, loving how good my fat cock hit her spot. I think if she knew my name she would have cried it out too but instead she just keep egging me on begging for more and more. I came only seconds after she did, filling her pussy with a giant load of fresh hot cream pie.

“ My husband will be very happy to clean out that heavy load.” She said, she bent down and lick off the last drop of cum then kiss my cheek and walked out of the janitor’s closet adjusting her skirt and her hair at the same time. I was in a sex crazed one night stand daze.

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“I just don’t get it, man. I’ve been married eleven existence and the sex couldn’t be better,” I said, making a deft right bend in my yawning red Camry. I was giving Chase, work partner and partner in crime, a pester home. We’d been chatting about matrimony, and its remarkable ability to slay the excitement in a couple’s sex life. Throughout the conversation, Chase had seemed to be referencing his own marriage.

“Did you disregard what your spouse looks like?” Chase said in a laughing tone, and I caught him shooting me a questioning look in my peripheral regard. Chase’s spouse was good looking, but my spouse Lupe had accepted an airless air about her. From her low, gruff proclaim to her tread that makes her curves hazardous, she exudes—no, embodies sex. Not to remark she caters (gleefully) to my cuckold fixation—talking of, it had been a while since I’d introduced her to some new angle. Plus it would be good to make some cuckold videos
Stopping at a red light, I eyed my alone, probing him like a Food Inspector would a hunk of juicy meat. He was a few inches shorter than myself—maybe about 5’9″—and he had a vehicle shape. His blond pelt was cropped short, spiny, and his hazel eyes were unsafe, even when he smiled. He was youthful, probably no adult than twenty-five. Definitely Lupe’s letters. She would fondness him rich her with his elevate, as much as I’d adore watching him do it.
I imagined Chase in-between her shapely thighs, pumping her needy cunt with his angle, his tongue slathering her fair-bronzed breasts. I could gather her screaming in pleasure from my colleague’s strokes, his back muscles effective, while I whispered to her lexis of encouragement. I could almost smell the sex, the fragrance of Chase and Lupe’s infidelity. I licked my lips, then curved away before he could hook me staring, and pulled off under the green light.
Chase nonstop, dialogue in a suggestive tone, “I think it’s impossible to get bored with her, my friend.”

“Well, you do gotta feature there, Chase.” He’d feeling to fuck my wife, I thought, grinning. I want to make a cuckold video of it all, He’s never open to admit it, still. Shame. I would have to make the first move, which made me tentative. Lupe typically handled that. “You want to fuck her?”

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cuckold videoWe still loved one another very much, but I have to admit that the crackle had finished out of our sex life the existence ago. We still managed to have sex a combine of epoch per month, and it was primarily the missionary take, with Ed sucking me to orgasm after he ejaculated into me. He always seemed to cum way too speedily, and though I would sometimes have an orgasm from his thin, five creep dick, I most regularly wanted his oral stimulation. I’m not aphorism that I desired a mammoth tilt to gratify me, but I had gotten worn to a lot of sex in college, before I met Ed, and I always found that a pleasant six and one-half to seven crawl elevate loads, especially if it was thick and the guy knew how to use it. I did have some superior eight and nine inch lovers, but they were nearly unusual, and took a little receiving used to when they first ongoing fucking me.

I am not too bad looking for being 45 and having had two kids, and I keep in mold by frequent workouts at the gym. I am 5’4” tall and weigh 125 pounds, with sharp dark beard and down eyes, and I have trivial, literally solidify C-cup breasts and a regular ass. Ed is also in appealing good identity at 6’1” tall and 195 pounds and most of our contacts and acquaintances consider him to be striking.

With the kids away at college, both Ed and I were looking for new hobbies. Ed had always been a vintage car fan, so he bought a 1957 Chevy vehicle from a farmer in rural Georgia, and he was looking farther to refurbishing it to mint state. As for me, a down-the-street neighbor, Mindy, had been asking me for living to meet their ladies join strike whenever they had a break,

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Jim had assumed that his wife’s libido had gone down with age, that their lack of sex had been the ordinary result of growing older. He had not been crazy about it, but he had resigned himself to it and retreated to a world of fantasy and masturbation on the internet. They would still occasionally have sex, but he had to wait until she initiated it, which would be at most a couple times per year. She had promised him that things would pick up, that her hormones needed stabilizing, that stress had caused it, or that parenthood had made intimacy more difficult. She had never let on that she wanted more, and from someone else.

But now Jim was faced with proof that this was the case. The various excuses she made to go out to the store or to visit her parents, the whispered discussions on the phone in the other room, and her impatience with him at times had made him suspicious. But now that he had followed her to their friend Steve’s house, had crept around to the bedroom window, and peeked in, there was no room for doubt. There was his wife in the throes of passion with another man, his very large member writhing in and out of her pussy, their bodies embraced, her breath panting, as they made love.

He wanted to kill them both; he was so furious with jealousy. he didnt want to be a cuckold. Frankly, he intended to at least beat up Steve and scare her with his righteous anger. He did indeed shake with anger as he saw the scene through the window. But he was surprised by one thing: his cock was hard as a rock and he was trembling with sexual excitement. Tears were streaming down his cheek at the same time that his cock was throbbing and his breath quickening

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