my boyfriend and my cuckold

September 8, 2010 by: cuckold_videos

My cuckold husband was trying to show my boyfriend how to make love to me. But it wasn’t working so well. I sat there like a log, letting my cuckold husband try to make me cum while I sucked my boyfriend’s black fat cock.  I moaned every once in awhile when my husband hit my spot but quickly left it empty. He just wasn’t a good lover. Finally he filled my cunt with his seed and my tired cuckold husband pulled out of me.
My boyfriend’s cock was ready to take me to the stars and above. He pushed inside me. “ This is how you fuck her!” He yelled, lifting my ass checks into the air and fucking me hard. I screamed as his cock drove deeper into my pussy and made me shake as my orgasm started to burn in my blood. I wanted him to fuck me and fuck me he did. “ Harder!” I screamed begging him to make me cum three or four times without stopping. My husband went to get our movie camera so that he could make a video of this hot scene

I looked to the side watching my cuckold husband stroke his tiny cock while my big black boyfriend fucked my brains out.

He flips me around onto my knees so that my plump ass cheeks were there for him to slap and grab onto while he fucked me hard. He pulled on my hair just as two orgasms rushed in me. I gasped for air and he pinched my nipple with his other hand as he shot his hot seed into my pussy. I collapsed onto the floor below me. “ Suck out  my cum from your pretty wife!” He yelled into the air.

I rolled over onto my back and opened my legs wide. My cuckold husband placed his lips onto my cunt and began sucking out my boyfriend’s cum while my boyfriend placed his cock back into my mouth so that he could be ready for round 2 , 3 and 4. “I love when you suck my cock baby.” He said to me as I wrapped my mouth over his semi erection. “Suck out my cum faster; I wanna fuck your wife again.” He yelled. My black bull was nice to me and bossy to my cuckold husband, just how I liked it.

my boyfriend and my cuckold

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