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I am a bisexual, married white man in my 50s, and the following story occurred when I was in my 30s, and had my first, life-changing cock sucking experience.  I was married to a lovely woman and had a decent sex life at home, with the only problem being that I have a smaller-than-average sized cock and I have always been self conscious about that.  I normally could not bring my wife to orgasm from just fucking her with my small dick, and usually finished her off orally after I had cum in her.  I enjoyed reading porn on the internet, and my favorite stories were those about cuckold husbands who enjoyed eating creampies from their wives’ pussies, after being fucked bare back by a hung stud.  I knew that my wife would never allow another man to fuck her, but I at least had those fantasies to enjoy, and I often thought about that when I was sucking my own cum from her pussy, imagining that a big cock had just fucked her.
This story happened when I was a salesman for a sporting goods company, and I was out of town at a sporting goods convention for a week.  I was at the convention with my sales manager, Larry Masters, who was 40 years old at the time, and another salesman, named Marcus Brown, who was about my age and was a black man.  We arrived at the convention center on the weekend before the show started, and spent two long days setting up our exhibition booth, to be ready for the show opening on Monday morning.  Our assignment for the rest of the week was to work the booth and make sales to the convention attendees.  Our plan was to go out and get a quick dinner after the show closed each day, and then go to one of our rooms to drink and play cards for the rest of the evening.
We didn’t have time to play cards on Saturday or Sunday nights, due to the long hours setting up the booth, but on Monday night we met in Larry’s room for some relaxation.  After we played cards for several hours, and were by this time getting pretty silly from drinking so much, Larry suggested that we play a game of truth or dare.  I know that sounds a little odd for grown men to play this type of game, but given our drunken state, it seemed like a good idea at the time.  The early rounds of the game were pretty bland, with each of us asking the others to be truthful about various topics, mostly related to our company and the office we worked in.  As we continued drinking, the topics eventually became sexually oriented, and we were asking each other to be truthful about how we felt about some of the hot women in the office, and whether we’d like to fuck them, or had actually fucked any of them.  As it turned out, Larry said that despite being married and getting plenty of pussy at home, he had a high sex drive and a big cock, and had fucked several of the women in the office.  He was a pretty sincere guy, so I tended to believe him.

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Trish and Mark were your everyday couple. Trish was a gorgeous brunet who had just turned 41 years old while Mark was a 45 year old fitness trainer who kept his body in immaculate shape. Over the last year they had talked about expanding their sex life outside their marriage. They checked out several different options including swinging, but ultimately decided on that they looked for a lover for Trish.

It took some time, but Mark thought he had found the perfect guy. Zack was a very cocky young man who loved to mess around with couples. He had a gorgeous body and a cock that was 9 inches in size. There was only one problem with Zack and that he was only 19. Trish right away wasn’t happy about the thought of being with such an young man while her husband Mark had no problem at all with it. They discussed it over the next week or so as Trish started to come around to the idea of letting Zack fuck her while Mark watched.

Over the next week Mark and Zack got together to plan things out. Zack was to meet Trish and Mark at a local motel that coming Saturday night. This was the first time that they decided to do something so bold. They knew their was no going back at this point.

They waited patiently for Zack to arrive. Zack was about half an hour late as he waltz into the room. This was the first time Trish had met him as she was very impress with his looks. Zack had Trish melting out of his hands only minutes after arriving. Mark in the meantime had positioned himself off to the side of the bed so he could watch. He sat on a chair and basically didn’t say anything as he let Trish and Zack do whatever they liked.

Zack began to seduce Trish right before Mark’s eyes. He had moved Trish right in front of Mark as slowly worked each piece of clothing off her very sexy body. Once down to her bra and panties Zack had his hands glued to Trish’s ass. He grabbed and gently squeezed it as Mark sat a foot from the two of them. Zack was a very poised 19 year old who played it up as he removed Trish’s bra first and then slowly slid her panties down to the floor. He teased Mark as he reached back and spank her ass several times with his hand as Mark watched on from only a foot away.

It was a few minutes later and Trish began to remove Zack’s clothes. She had removed everything, but his tight underwear briefs as his very large cock could be seen through them. A minute later Trish knelt down in front of Zack as she slowly pulled his briefs down over his big beautiful cock. Zack’s cock popped out of his briefs right into Trish’s face as a stun Trish yelped out in astonishment.

Zack teased her with his beautiful cock as he smacked her on the face with it several times. He then inserted it right into Trish’s mouth as she began to suck on it. She slowly tried to take as much of his cock into her mouth as she could as her mouth slowly made its way up and down his long shaft.

A few seconds later Zack turned Trish around so now that Zack’s gorgeous ass was now positioned right in front of Mark. As Mark sat their Zack’s ass had gotten only inches from his face as his wife continued to suck hard on Zack’s cock.

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Jim had been married for over 10 years when his first wife decided to leave him unexpectedly. Jim now 40 years old and with his life quickly falling apart had no idea where to turn next. One night he decided to go to a happy hour with a few of his other coworkers. They told him he needed to get out more and try to meet other women.

Jim had been at the happy hour for almost an hour when he noticed a beautiful looking woman up at the bar. She had a short skirt on and was very hot looking. It took Jim almost 30 minute before he got the guts to go up to the bar to talk with her.

He introduced himself and she told him that her name was Ann. He was pleasantly surprised how pleasant she was as they talked for a good 30 minutes. Jim was shocked that he got her number as he walked back over to the table with his coworkers. A few days later Jim asked Ann out and they soon began dating regularly.

He had fallen hard for Ann even though she was 12 years younger than him. Her 5’6 and 120 pound frame might had something to do with it as Ann‘s body was absolutely gorgeous. She had Jim wrapped totally around her fingers as he would do anything she had asked of him.

Jim wasn’t a bad looking guy by any means and he kept his body in pretty good condition. He couldn’t believe he could had found someone as pretty as Ann to go out with after such a bitter and nasty divorce.

It didn’t take very long for Jim and Ann to strike it up in the bedroom. Jim hadn’t had sex with a woman in many months, so he was truly excited to be able to fuck such a beautiful woman in Ann. Jim was so excited he decided to marry Ann a few months later.

A few months after their marriage Ann began to take charge of Jim. She basically bossed him around and pretty much got whatever she had asked for from him. Jim was so devoted to Ann that he didn’t care how she had treated him and that included inside the bedroom.

One night in the bedroom things between Ann and Jim began to change. Ann took charge as she began to humiliate Jim’s cock size. Jim’s cock was only 5 inches in size and Ann began to use that against him. Jim at first felt very embarrassed, but that quickly changed as he felt a surge of adrenalin flow though his body every time Ann would humiliate him.

Jim had no idea when he had met Ann that she had these kind of desires of controlling a man like him. She was very much into the thought of using domination and humiliation against him. She wanted to cuckold him badly and Jim never even seen it coming. Ann began to cuckold Jim even more over the next couple of months.

One night while in the bedroom Ann had pulled out a pair of handcuffs and tied Jim hands behind his back. She secured him to the bed as she began to ridicule him. She said, “What a wimpy cock!” Jim was stunned, but also extremely turned on as Ann made him lick all parts of her beautiful ass. Jim was really getting into it now as he tongued her ass for several minutes.

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My friend Sean came to visit and i had been telling her how big his dick was and she became realy interested and turned on. When Sean arrived we went to eat and drink. Sean and my wife begain to flirt and he wanting to see her nipple and clit ring after a few beers so we hit the road. When we arrived home Sean stood behind her and reached around and rubbed her d tits.My wife checked to see what i thought.I smiled and told her to just have fun. My buddy then started to remove her cloths while i watched him strip her down.He then looked at her rings while rubbing her all over.Sean decided that he wanted to massage my wife with oil and we were freaking out. He was holding on to her hand and lead her to our bed room. She then undressed him as they made out.I was starting to love this when he put his dick in her mouth. She started sucking his massive dick that was 12″.I then gave him the massage oil.Sean then asked me to come back in a little while in which i did after i heard my wife moaning so loud. When i returned he had her ass up doggie style with his fingers in her ass.Sean said look at you nasty wife getting fingered in the ass. She then begged him to fuck her small shaved pussy.I for the first time saw my wife get streched in front of my eyes.Sean told her to tell me how much she loved his dick in her and i got a closer look for my self. After they finished it was time for me to go to work since i worked 11-7am. when i left they continued to have sex all night. when i got home Sean had left already so i thought i’d try her out and her pussy was so big my 7″ felt nothing.That when she asked if we could do this again.Now she is our nasty girl. i even let him take her out and he lets his friends play with her.any way they want.hope you like!

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My 24 yr old wife and I recently got back together after a year long seperation. Last week I found out she had a 3sum with her guy friend and his friend. It turned me on so much that last night he came over and fucked her with me. It was so fucking great! We had dinner and drinks, then pulled out the sleeper sofa, and had great sex for hours. He was really rough with her and made her cum several times while I watched and jerked off. He fucked her doggie and he made her suck me. Then I fucked her. His cocks much bigger than mine, and it felt so good filling my wifes stretched wet pussy. I shot my load all over her, then her fucked her more. Watching her ride him really drove me nuts cos I got a great view of his cock going into her pussy. He was drunk and never came, so he just kept fucking her until she begged him to stop. Shes very sore today. He fucked her harder than I ever could. We gotta do this again!

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The person I picked out who I will call John, (not his real name but the real person knows who he is).
John fitted the bill perfectly, from his features I knew my wife would find him good looking and he had a decent build, he was recently separated from his wife of 6 years.
John sent me some pictures of himself clothed and unclothed and he definitely had the apparatus to do the job.

I contacted John and we met at a local coffee shop, he told me that he had not been with other women other than his wife, and was clean. I showed him a picture of my wife and told him some intimate details that would help in the quest. I also requested that I be kept fully informed by him of everything that happened.

John suggested that in order to make her more horny and ready for seduction that perhaps we should wait a couple of weeks during which time I should avoid having sex with her.
I agreed, as we usually did it 2 or 3 times a week after 2 weeks she would be climbing the wall.

I thought the best place for John to meet my wife would be at the gym that she frequents, I had some free passes that I gave him and told him that she was a regular on Sunday mornings as soon as they opened.

After the 2 week period John called me and told me he had “bumped” into my wife and had started a conversation at the gym and they had had coffee afterwards. He told me that he had come on to her and tried to set up a date. She had not agreed to anything, but she did keep his phone number.

The following week John called me back and told me that she had contacted him and that they were going to meet for lunch, John said he would try to make his move and get her back to his place.

On Wednesday afternoon about 3 pm. I received a phone call at work from John. He said “guess what I have just finished fucking your wife”. He told me that after a little persuasion she had accompanied him to his place, once inside he told me that it did not take much before he had his hand in her panties, and from there into the bedroom.
He told me that it had been a great afternoon and that she was a very good fuck and that she had really enjoyed it and wanted to meet him again for more of the same. He asked if it was OK for him to continue to meet her and fuck her. I said yes but he had to let me know all the details.

He suggested at the next time he would call me on the bedroom phone just prior to their encounter and leave it on speaker so I could at least hear the goings on.

At this time I am looking forward to next Sunday and getting the phone call.

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I have had this urge to watch my wife with another man without her knowledge of me watching her get pleased.Sometime in the next few weeks I would love to pre arrange a nice looking male to seduce my wife at a Harrisburg hotel…….I would like to locate someone who will help me fulfill this fantasy of mine. I would like to have this individual get two rooms side by side with a door in between for watching access.
This fantasy would start out in the lounge. I would like this stranger who has all the details start up a conversation with my wife and I. As the night goes along I want this man to come on to my wife and I want to watch her reactions without her knowing I know whats going on. After awhile I want this individual to say hes going outside for some fresh air and ask my wife to go with him. this could be done while I’m in the rest room or getting us a drink. I want to follow from a distance as this guy outside tries to kiss my wife and feel her breast. Once they get back I want him to tell me what they did and what she said.Awhile later I want to act drunk and tell my wife I’m going back to the room for awhile to lay down and if she not back in awhile I’ll come back down. Now after I tell my wife this, this individual already knows the plan is to wait about a half hour and ask my wife back to his room for a night cap before she heads to our room.She might think its a coincidence that his room is right next to ours but he can just say that is odd.After the get in the room I’ll open the door between the rooms alittle since it was already unlocked earlier and I want to watch just how far my wife will go before coming to our room.As I masturbate watching my wife get fucked, I will have finally fulfilled my fantasy. After she gets dressed and comes into our room I’ll be sitting there dick in hand and tell her I couldn’t sleep because the couple next door was fucking like crazy.If she tells me it was her fine,if not I will keep it to myself and proceed to fuck my wifes wet pussy but as I do I will only tell her she must have had fun in the lounge with our friend as she is sooooooooo wet. I want this guy to fuck my wife with her panties pulled to the side and I want him to cover her pantied crotch with his cum……
The next morning I will put her panties to my nose and stroke to what I saw the night before……

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It all started with a trip to a local strip club. Mary and I went in and got a table to watch the girls. A few of the girls stopped by our booth and chatted with us but we mostly just sat and watched the girls performing on the stage. Several of them came over to us and sat down to talk. I think some of the female strippers like dancing for other good looking women. Must be a competitive thing. Mary is very good looking with a great body. She is about 5’4” and 110lbs. After about a half hour, we decided to go upstairs where they had a strip club for women. Up in that part of the club they had men doing the dancing and stripping down to a G string just large enough to cover their dicks. We sat there together while Mary enjoyed the guys on stage. Just like downstairs with the girls, the guys would come up to the tables and offer private dances. Finally, Mary commented on how good looking one of them was, and how she wouldn’t mind a private dance from him. We invited him to sit down. His name was Justin. After a short conversation he and Mary headed off to a dark corner of the room for her private dance. I could make out Justin dancing for Mary and could see her smiling, but that was about it. The room was fairly dark. He danced for a couple of songs and then they sat and talked for a couple more songs before coming back over to the table I was at. Mary seemed very excited about Justin but he had to get back to work and said his goodbyes. Mary had this smile on her face and I asked what she was so happy about. She told me that while Justin was dancing for her, he (like all good male strippers) would gyrate his hips and his barely covered dick just inches from her face. She got so excited by this, she asked him if she could touch his dick while he was dancing. He said sure and danced in a way so his crotch was down near her hand. With that, Mary pulled his little G string bikini aside and stoked his dick to a full hard on. She had to stop because he said he was about to cum right there. Unfortunately, while nobody could see her jacking him off, it wasn’t private enough for her to finish him off with a blow job, which is what she said she wanted to do. The reason they sat and talked after the dancing was because his dick was so hard and big, he couldn’t get it back into his G string. But, the reason she was really smiling was because she got his phone number and had arranged for the three of us to get together back at our hotel so she could finish what she started.

The next night Mary arranged for Justin to meet us at our hotel. She was really excited. She thought this was one of the best looking and best built guys she had seen in a long time. Justin was built too. He was a male stripper and had the body for it. We went up to our room so Mary and Justin could get to know each other a lot better. I relaxed on the bed while they kissed and touched each other all over. I was becoming very excited watching Mary with this very muscular guy. He was much larger than her. They slowly undressed each other and soon they were both standing there, in front of me completely naked. Their hands were all over each other as they explored each others bodies. Justin was sucking on Mary’s hard nipples while she stroke his cock to life just like the night before. Soon she had it in her mouth and he was moaning with pleasure. This is what Mary had wanted to do to him at the club. After awhile, Justin laid Mary down on the bed and started eating out her pussy like there was no tomorrow. She was cumming over and over. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I too stripped my clothes off and let Mary suck my hard dick. She said she wanted to suck on Justin’s dick again. So Justin came up and she gobbled it back up again. I watched her feast on his big dick and decided to jam my dick into her wet pussy from behind. She came immediately. She was kneeling on the bed deep throating Justin’s cock while she was receiving my hard dick from behind. She was moaning with double pleasure at this point. I think Justin was pretty turned on too. He was just lying back enjoying the blow job while watching Mary get fucked at the other end. Justin sat up enough so he could reach back and give Mary a spank on the ass. At first I didn’t know if she would like that. It was this first time anyone had ever spanked her in a sexual manner. My fears were quickly relieved when she moaned with pleasure. Justin continued the friendly but firm spanks until her ass was nice and rosy. She was cumming continuously the whole time. Her pussy had never been wetter. I didn’t want to cum too soon so I pulled out and watched the two of them move into a 69. Justin was tonguing Mary’s freshly fucked pussy and she continued to milk every drop of Justin’s pre-cum out of his dick that she could. Justin turned around and got Mary on her back and positioned himself between her spread eagle legs. Then he started slapping her pussy with his hard dick while Mary squeezed her tits. I could see droplets of milk oozing out of her breasts as she laid there moaning with pleasure. I walked back over to her and offered her my dick. She immediately engulfed the whole thing into her mouth. Justin looked at me and asked if we were still OK with him fucking Mary. I gave him a reassuring nod. Even though Mary was in a sexual frenzy, I reminded Justin to use a condom. Even though Justin was a great guy, we did just meet him. Mary likes the feeling of hot cum shooting into her pussy but she really needs to know the person before she’ll let that happen. Justin dick was about the same size as mine and had no problem sliding into Mary’s soaking wet pussy. I have always fantasized about her getting fucked by some huge dick but seeing her fucked by a really well built Las Vegas stripper was just as good. After a while Justin was getting close to cumming so Mary wanted Justin and I to switch. That way she would get the best of both of us. I would fill her pussy with my hot cum and she would be able to suck Justin off and taste his cum in her mouth. She loves giving head and drinking cum. And nobody is better at it than she is. I came first and Mary met every one of my thrusts with one of her own until I had emptied my entire load inside her. I could see my cum leaking out her as my dick started to soften. I looked up and saw Justin fucking Mary’s face like he was fucking her pussy. When he started to cum, Mary grabbed his ass with both hands to hold him in her mouth. He came more than anyone I had ever seen. Mary had no problem swallowing every drop. Justin looked complete spent. Mary looked ravishing. As she opened her mouth lick him clean, I could see cum still in her mouth.