Erotic Cuckold Videos

Erotic Cuckold videos run the gamut from the cuckolded husband being humiliated as he’s forced to watch his wife suck, fuck, and lick another guy or guy’s dick.

The husband kind of joins in as a more or less peripheral partner, usually only being allowed to suck his wife’s tits or fondle her ass while someone else has a go at her pussy, mouth, and ass. He sits there helplessly as his wife pants in his ear while she’s getting her slippery pussy fucked by a guy she met at the grocery store last week.

His dick is easily two inches longer than his and as fat as a cucumber, and he watches it pump in and out of the snatch that should only be his to fuck and lick. Once, this evil cuckoldress even had the nerve to order her husband to lick her lover’s asshole while he had his face between her long legs, making her cum several times while he had his sorry tongue buried in some strange man’s anus.

Then she turned over to take this guy’s rock hard cock up her little pink asshole and told her husband to get busy massaging the guy’s balls while he ass fucked his own wife on their bed. Thats why we love erotic cuckold videos and the hot scenes that get us off!


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The cuckold just can’t or won’t stand up for himself when it comes to his wife screwing other men.  As much as it pains him, he feels both powerless and excited when he watches his wife suck and fuck dozens of other big-dicked dudes again and again.

The real kicker is that sometimes the haughty cuckoldress laughs at her husband’s humiliation.  She’ll look him right in the eye while she’s bent over a chair getting her soaking wet pussy pounded by a complete stranger she picked up at a bar and tell him she’s never had it this good, that his mediocre dick could never compare to the massive fuck stick she’s getting pumped with now.

Sometimes she’ll make her cuckold husband suck her tits while she’s getting fucked by his old college buddy.  Sometimes she’ll even order him to massage her lover’s asshole while she sucks his cock, and then clean up her boy toy’s hot white cum off her neck – with his tongue.  He knows he shouldn’t tolerate this kind of behavior from his wife, but he’ll do anything to keep her and her insatiable pussy happy.

Cuckold Humiliation Fetish

Cuckolding is a fetish that’s getting more and more popular each day.  A cuckold is a man who gets humiliated, sometimes privately and sometimes publicly, by his wife fucking another man and usually throwing it in his face.  Sometimes a guy come home from work after a long day and finds his wife on her knees on the kitchen floor sucking the enormous dick of their next-door neighbor.

She’ll come up for air for a brief moment, lick her lips and smile, and get right back to sucking his dick without a second thought. The neighbor getting his knob polished by the guy’s hot wife might even order the husband to get him a beer or adjust his wife’s thong panties in order for him to get a better view of her fine ass while she gobbles his cock.

And here’s the thing – the poor bastard will actually get this guy a cold beer and then stand there with his mouth open while he’s forced to watch his wife’s wet lips wrapped around some other dude’s cock that’s a helluva lot bigger than his.  Maybe the wife will let him jerk off while he watches but can’t touch, or maybe she won’t.

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A Cuckold For Life

Ever since I was a boy, I have been humiliated, made fun of, and disrespected in almost every imaginable way. One time as a young child, I came home from school early because the other boys were making fun of me. I ran home, and I remember feeling so hungry; a bully had taken my lunch and threw it in my face in front of all the pretty girls. I came home crying, asking my mother if she would make me something to eat, but I couldn’t find her anywhere. Then I heard a noise coming from her bedroom. I went to investigate and saw something that set me on my current path of life. I saw her getting violently fucked by a man who was not my father.

Back then I was confused; it looked like she was getting hurt, but she kept saying “yes! Yes! Yes!” like she wanted it. I cried out, and they both whipped around in surprise. The man quickly tried to cover up, but my mother stopped him. She said she wanted me to watch them fuck, so the man continued. Ever since then, I’ve been nothing but a cuckold. This is how cuckolds are made…

In every relationship I’ve ever had since, the girl always seems to sense my weakness. I constantly come home to the sight of my cheating girlfriend, and I relive my childhood trauma. But I just accept it. This is my life. I am a cuckold, just like those you see on fetish porn websites. My entire life is just like those online cuckold videos. I’ll come home to her infidelity and she won’t even flinch. She expects me to simply sit down and wait for them to finish. And I do it. I don’t have a choice; that man is so much bigger than me.

He’s stronger, he’s more dominating, and his cock is at least twice as big as mine. Even though interracial sex makes me uncomfortable, I just sit there and watch as she screams in pleasure. She takes his dick out of her pussy and starts sucking it. She says it tastes so much better than mine, and that it’s a privilege for me to even watch her suck it. The man ejaculates all over her face and she funnels all his cum into her mouth. My life consists of cuckolding, and my cuckoldress won’t let me forget it. I make them a meal and go to bed, humiliated.

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Motel Cuckolding

My wife and I were at a coffee shop and talking about everything from work to sex. Jane was wearing a short skirt and heels. She caught John’s eye from afar and smiled at him. She was in a very sexy mood. I was afraid that something would happen, especially since she was being so good to me at that point.

When I returned from the car, they were sitting with each other. Talking, laughing, and sharing stories. She introduced him to me as John. He was meeting a friend, visiting from out of town, for dinner, like I really cared. But what could I do she was a mean cuckoldress and I had to do what made her happy.

I reached into my pocket, grabbing one of our two motel room keys. I handed it to John, I couldn’t believe it. This guy was going back to my hotel room to have my wife! I was such a cuckold!

I opened the door slowly to see most of their clothes on floor in front of me. It was fairly quiet but from his moaning and a few slurping sounds I knew she was going down on his big black cock. She lightly stroked John’s dick as he now was squirming on the bed. John moved beneath her and she began to hump him, moving slowly as her muscles groaned and protested the abuse of being opened so far. He was deeper inside of her than I could ever go, and as she rested her pale hands on his dark chest she felt dizzy with the incredible sensation from her interracial fucking. The tip of him was pressing against her cervix and it felt so good.

“Oooooh fuck, you’re so big…” she moaned, her thighs shaking as she lifted herself up again, and sank down, her inner muscles feeling like they were peeling apart to accommodate him. John was pounding her from behind She looked at me and laughed as she told me how much she liked his fat cock in her pussy. She loved the way he was fucking her. Looking at John it was obvious he was about to cum.

He flipped her over on her back. Laid his cock between her large tits, and sprayed a warm load all over her. Then, just as I suspected I was forced to lick it all up, as they lay back and made fun of her stupid old cuckold.

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Car cuckolding

“Step out of the car, ma’am.” Here it comes. I’d know that look in my wife’s eyes anywhere. We’d been driving to her parents’ house, and as soon as she’d told me to drive faster than I should, I knew.  A cuckoldress through and through, Lydia never does anything unintentionally. Asking me to speed meant she felt like being seductive. Lydia could pick up anyone. On the surface of the moon, she’d find someone to fuck.

Lydia smiles and unbuckles her seatbelt. The officer waits, his hands on his belt. He’s an unsmiling, muscular black man. As soon as he stepped out of the patrol car I knew I was in trouble. I’d been hoping for someone small and paunchy, like me. Then she might not have been interested. No luck.

Lydia opens the door and leans forward, getting ready to step out, then seems to reconsider. Sitting back down in the passenger’s seat, she turns to me.

“How do I look?” she asks.

A lump in my throat. She looks beautiful. Her brown hair is shining. She’s worn her favorite blue dress.

Lydia walks around to the front of the car and the officer meets her there. She giggles as I watch her run her fingers along his forearm. Then comes the script. She leans forward to whisper in the officer’s ear.

“If you fucked me right here, my cuckold husband wouldn’t do anything about it.”

That’s our signal. I’m to stay in the car. Sometimes she lets me leave the room, spares me the sight of her fucking some guy with a cock twice the size as mine. Not today.

The man smiles. He reaches beneath my wife’s skirt and she bites her lip, sits down on the top of the car. She lies back on the hood and I imagine its warmth, hot from the sun and the engine. She spreads her legs wider for her interracial sexcapade, The car starts to move. Percussively. I know this man is filling her with his big thick cock.

“Say you’re small!” My wife yells back at me. The car keeps moving, jostling.

During these cuckolding sessions I have no choice, so I say “I’m small”.

“Say he’s big!” Lydia begins to moan. The suspension squeaks, like a bed with old springs.

“He’s big,” I say.

“You’re nothing! You’re a weakling!” She shrieks, shaking her head wildly. As I hear the squeak, squeak, moan, moan sounds coming from the front of the car. The man’s face is hidden beneath his sunglasses. He strains, and then fills my wife with cum.

When Lydia gets back into the car, she adjusts her dress, and, not looking at me, says

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Watching Cuckold Videos Of Myself

“Your wife’s on line one,” my assistant says. I knew this call was coming. My stomach drops and I notice my fingers curling tighter around the phone.

“Send her through,” I say. My voice sounds tiny just like a cuckold. It never sounds like that in this office. Here, I call the shots.

There’s a tone and a click, and then it begins. My wife’s breathing, heavy.

“He’s here,” she says, and gives a little giggle. The sound is more womanly, somehow, than I remember. “You want to know how big it is?” “Don’t worry we’ll make some cuckold videos for you to watch!”

My wife, first brought cuckolding up with me a year ago. She was tired of my cock, she’d said. The words had cut like a knife, but I’d known it was true.

“Mmmmm,” she says. Her breath keeps coming through on the phone. It’s a high end phone so I can hear everything crystal clear. When we bought these phones, I’d told my assistant to spare no expense. I wanted to hear everything on the other line: a murmur of disapproval from a partner’s colleague, a signal that a deal might go awry. But now I can hear shuffling in the background, a deep man’s voice. He’s said something, something I wasn’t supposed to hear, something about pounding my wife’s pussy with his big black cock. But there’s something manly about this man’s voice, and now my wife is going to have interracial sex with this guy.

“Kevin is so big,” my wife says. “He’s wide and he’s long. And he’s going to fuck me, just like I told you.”

I swallow. “Okay,” I say. Okay? I think, another man’s going to fuck your wife, your beautiful, fantastic wife, and all you can say is “Okay”? What’s wrong with you? Go over there! Stop it from happening! Chase this guy out of your bedroom! Out of your house! Your! House!

But I know I’m not going to do any of those things. I could never do them, not when it mattered. That’s why today’s happening, why I’m listening to the ambient sounds of this man Kevin running his hands all over my cuckoldress wife’s creamy skin, the wet, licking sounds, the staccato gasps and shrieks my wife’s making, a pounding somewhere. The phone rustles. I imagine my wife, overcome with pleasure, losing focus, letting the phone drop. That must be why I can hear her moaning only softly. It sounds far away. Mostly, I hear the rustling of what must be the sheets on our bed, and now I know I’m a true cuckold

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Big black cock cuckolding

There is a knock on the door and I look over at my husband and smile at him because I know exactly who is at my door. I feel my pussy get moist as I walk up to the door in anticipation of what is going to be on the other side. I open the door and my coworker, Chris is standing there shirtless with his dark ebony skin reflecting off of the light. His cock was so big I could see the outline of his throbbing member through his jeans and I began to feel my pussy drip again.

He comes in and without saying anything he reaches around and grabs my ass, while pulling out his big cock with his other one. I couldn’t believe how big it was! Ten inches of pure throbbing grade A meat, just waiting to fuck my tight cunt. I turned around and said to my pathetic husband “Now this is a cock!” He sat there speechless with his hand on his own cock, stroking it as he prepared to see me get satisfied by another man. What a stupid cuckold! I get on my knees and begin to worship this masterpiece of a cock. First stroking it a couple times while figuring out how I was going to fit in inside my mouth!

I stuck out my wet tongue and began to lick the throbbing shaft, and then I formed my mouth into an O shape, and tried to force the thick head into my mouth. Slowly getting it in, inch by inch I sucked the huge black cock before he pushed me on the floor and spread my legs open so we can have some hardcore interracial sex. Let the cuckolding begin! His cock can barely fit into my tight white cunt! He tries to get the head in, but it doesn’t fit so I call my husband over and tell him to spit on Chris’s cock to make it nice and slippery so his huge gorgeous black dick can fit inside.

Grabbing his camera, my husband comes over like a good cuckold and does what he is told and starts filming our cuckold videos! Finally Chris gets his hard cock inside of my tight pussy and I immediately start squirting pussy juice everywhere. I scream out about how good his cock is, and tell my husband that he will never fuck me as good as this! Chris bends me over and fucks me so rough that sweat pours down my face. Soon, Chris is exploding all over the place and I tell my cuckolding husband to lick it all up!

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I’m a Bad Cuckoldress Wife

I love my husband, but sometimes he and his stupid friends just really get on my nerves. Once a week they get together and play some pathetic role playing game, LOUDLY, in my kitchen. The worst part is I know they would love to just touch my tits and ass, and my cuckold husband would have to just sit there and watch if I let them.

One week I decided to teach them a lesson by inviting my big black friend Derrick over for a little interracial fun. While they were in the middle of their game we started out by stripping in the bedroom, taking off all of our clothes and sucking each other’s pussy and dick, respectively, until we were both eager for the fuck.

I lead him out to the living room where the dumbfounded friends were playing. I got down on my knees and sucked on his big black cock from shaft to balls long and hard. The two other boys could not take their eyes off of my naked body, or his. (He was HUNG). After my oral fun, like a true cuckoldress I bent over and let him shove his cock into my dripping wet pussy, screaming loudly with pleasure while my husband just watched as a real man fucked his wife without saying a word like the cuckold he is.

I then ordered the other cuckolds to fuck me and make me cum over and over again in all kinds of crazy positions. My husband begged me to stop, but I told him to shut up and suck Derrick’s dick. While his friends fucked me in the ass! Of course he did, right there in front of his two friends. Talk about a great cuckold; he shoved Derricks big black cock into his mouth and sucked on it before he had to swallow his big load of cum.

I then instructed his two pathetic friends to let my husband lick my juices off their wimpy little dicks. Then all three cuckolds had to sit there and watch as my black friend fucked every one of my holes until he unleashed an explosion of cum all over my ass. Then each of them took turns licking his dick and cum off my stretched out ass! Now that’s the kind of game I can play every week!


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I felt Jim's fat cockhead at the entrance to my wet hole and I held my
breath for a second waiting to feel it slide through my ass ring and into
my hole.  He had lubed his cock up and probed my hole a few times,
stretching it out and making me moan into Michelle's clit. Ed looked over
his shoulder and smiled when he saw Jim starting to ease his thick 7" cut
cock into my tight hole.  With a gentle constant push, Jim slid his cock
deep into my ass right to his trimmed pubes.  He has a slight upwards curve
to his cock and the head was being held right against my prostate.  He knew
exactly where my hot spot was and he just thrust a little against my lump
and sent electricity racing through my entire body.  I clamped my ass tight
around his cock and he started a nice slow fuck in and out of my twitching

Everyone was having a nice leisurely fuck for a while.  The room was filled
with grunting and moaning from the porn and from all of us on the floor.
Jim pulled out of my ass and I could feel the air against my gaping hole.
I wanted to feel that big cock back in there, but suddenly Jim crawled up
behind Ed and gently pulled my finger from Ed's ass.  Ed must have wondered
why I stopped because he looked over his left shoulder just as Jim pushed
his big cock right up snug against Ed's asshole.

I couldn't believe the view I had from the floor looking upwards.  Ed's
thick cock in Michelle's now practically gushing wet pussy and Jim starting
to push his thick cockhead into Ed's hole.

Fuckin' HOT!

I reached down and started to stroke my uncut dripping cock while
continuing to lick and watch the hot action.  Jim had scooted forward a
little as he slid his cock into Ed's ass in order to ensure he got the full
length of his cock deep in Ed's guts.

Soon the three of them were all talking dirty fuck talk to one another and
urging one another to cum while they thrashed and thrust right above my
head.  Ed was first to let go.  He told everyone in the room that he
couldn't handle the feelings on his cock and in his ass any longer and just
had to cum inside Michelle.  With a roar, he thrust balls deep into
Michelle's pussy and froze.  I could see his cock and balls pumping a hot
load of seed into Michelle and reached up to cup his balls and squeeze as
much out as possible.  Jim pounded into Ed's ass for another 20 seconds or
so then asked Ed where he wanted his load.  Ed told him to blow in his guts
and Jim started madly pounding Ed's stretched hole.  Once again, I could
see a set of balls draw up and Jim's balls started pulsing as he shot a
huge load of cum deep inside Ed's hole.

Jim pulled his cock out of Ed's hole and I could see cum still dripping
from his slit.  I pulled his cock towards my mouth and cleaned the cum from
the top of his cock to the base.  He sat back and grinned as Ed slowly
pulled out of Michelle's pussy.  I asked Ed to kneel beside Michelle when
he pulled out.  Jim leaned over and cleaned all the cum from Ed's red cummy
cockhead and pushed Michelle forward onto the footrest in front of her.
Her tummy rested mid-chair and her tits hung over the front a little while
her puffy pussy rested on the edge.  I leaned forward and grabbed her two
nipple rings from behind and started to twist them and pull and tweak. At
the same time, I buried my face into her cummy hole and started to suck and
lick Ed's hot cum from her snatch.
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