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I could never keep my wife satisfied, no matter how hard I tried.  At the local bar, she said she was finally going to get herself satisfied and bring home a few guys to fuck right in front of me.

I didn’t think she’d actually do it, but within 20 minutes, she’d rounded up four grinning young men and made me drive us all back to our house.  After ordering me to fetch them all some drinks, she didn’t waste any time stripping off everything but her boots and dropping to her knees to start sucking the black man’s huge cock.

Before long the other three had their pants off and took turns fucking my cuckoldress and laughing at me, while all I could do was sit there and watch in humiliation.  Then she ordered me to film the cuckold video all so that she would have something to masturbate to later.

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Cuckolding Humiliation in Interracial Fuckfest

My wife had been acting odd all evening, and I could feel something in the air at the local bar where we usually spent our Friday nights.  She kept staring at the new black bartender, and doing schoolgirl shit like batting her eyelashes, giggling, and playing with her long hair.

When she did pay attention to me, it was only to call me a useless fuck  When the bartender had finished his shift, she had me drive the three of us back to our house, where she didn’t waste any time starting to fuck him right on our bed.

I couldn’t take my eyes off his huge dick pumping in and out of her swollen pussy lips while she moaned his name and shot me dirty looks.  My useless hard-on in my hand, I was forced to watch as he shot his load all over her tits and she made me lick it off.

bull and cuckld couple
fucking a cuckolds wife

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Cuckolds just seem to get off on being humiliated. They just sit there and take it as they watch their wives go up to strange men in bars, pick them up, and then have the husband drive them home.

He has to sit there on the chair while he watches his gorgeous wife strip down to her garters and heels and start sucking some other guy’s huge dick.

His wife won’t even let him jerk himself off for a little bit of satisfaction. He just has to sit there and stare at her and her lover wrap their legs and tongues around each other in a frenzy of sweaty fucking. The cuckoldress takes devious pleasure in insulting her husband’s inadequate cock and shamelessly saying how good it feels to be properly fucked by a big, tireless stud.

She tells her husband that he deserves this for being such a lousy lay, but she might permit him to occasionally suck her nipples or massage her clit while she’s getting her pussy pumped by the local gas station attendant.

But she usually won’t let him touch her, and even has the gall to make him wash her pussy afterwards with a soft washcloth.

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Am I A cuckold?

If you’re like any normal person, you most likely don’t have the slightest idea of what the strange, funny sounding word “cuckold” means. But then again, if you’re here reading this then you should at least be familiar with it in some way. But if you’re still confused, there is a very simple explanation. The husband (referred to as the cuckold) watches his wife derive sexual pleasure from other men, in this case, big, muscular black guys with huge dicks. Known as the cuckoldress, she seeks to humiliate the cuckold as much as possible; a key element in the parameters of the fetish.

And in this case, he must have done something to truly get her pissed off, because she takes on three dudes at once, with cocks that are at least twice as massive as his own! Imagine watching your wife suck and fuck a few guys who are incomprehensibly better at pleasing a woman than you could ever be. That’s exactly what happens to this poor cuckold.

He watches with a look of tolerance on his face, yet the inner-most state of mind is most likely that of complete turmoil as he witnesses three humongous black meat cleavers thrust their way deeper and deeper into his wife’s fuck holes. Every orifice is plugged up with a hard, vascular dick that is getting ready to ejaculate all over her pretty white face, lower back, and abdomen.

Although this seemingly abhorrent act is consensual, its purpose is simply to humiliate the cuckold (or cuckolds) as much as possible, via hardcore interracial sex! She screams with pleasure as one guy penetrates her through her tight, moist, velvety beef curtains, one through her clean, inviting, lubricated poop hole, and last but not least, one forcefully gags her as he rams his cock down her slobbery throat. As if that isn’t humiliating enough, it is often required that the cuckold fixes them a meal when they’re done fucking his wife!

Cuckolding has been around for quite some time, but only in relatively recent human history has it been adapted into a fetish activity. There are all kinds of cuckolding videos here, and there will undoubtedly be one that will satisfy your sick, outlandish needs! Hey, perhaps you could even produce your own cuckolding video with which to share with the world! But remember, this is about humiliation; are you sure you can handle it?

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UK Cuckolds –  people into the cuckold lifestyle in the UK.  Lots of folks in the UK into cuckolding. Men watching their wives getting it on with other men, sure its a big thing. Doesn’t mater what country you are from, cuckolding is the same everywhere.  Lots of men love to get seeing their wives having sex with other guys. Some older men are into watching their women with younger guys and some hubbys are into interracial cuckolding –  watching their wives getting fucked by blackmen with big black cock.

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Ok I started talking to this couple from a swinger web page. This is what happened after all three of us got together. I did meet him before we all meet.

Well we talked for a couple weeks trying to get something going. Well on a Monday afternoon in Worcester Mass. We starting sending each other emails about how much we liked sucking each other off and that we want to try it again. After 7 or 8 emails about what we want to do to each other. Mike sent an email telling me to give him a call. He can’t take the emails any more. I give him a call; we give the stupid nervous talk about how each other are doing. When I finally say, so I had a feeling from your emails that you’re a little horny today. Mike laughs yes I am. And hopefully the next time I suck you off I wont gag. I laugh. Mike asks if I might want to come over today. My dick was sticking straight up, I tell him yes I would like to. he says ok let me call you back in a half hour. So I sit around the house waiting for the call back, a half-hour goes by I’m still nervously waiting. Then after 45 minutes goes by, the phone rings I pick up the phone and its Mike. He starts loudly whispering to me, my wife is here, and I told Tracie that you could come over now if she would like to for you to come over and play. Tracie said she only had an hour for lunch and she wanted to eat and work out so she didn’t have time to play. he then tells me that he thinks we can convince Tracie to have a threesome if you come over. I am kind of nervous because I don’t want to start any with the two of them. I say to him are you sure? he says yes. If she doesn’t want to play then we can just suck each other off. I ask him again are you sure? He laughs and says yes come over. I then tell him Ill be there in 5 min.

Ok I drive up and park on the side of the street. I go up there walk way towards their door and Tracie is out planting flowers. Ok I am going to tell you what Tracie looks like. This is the god’s honest truth. she has strawberry red hair down to the middle of her back a very beautiful face with hazel eyes, c-cup breasts, strong muscular thighs and she was wearing a tight gym body suit. she looked at me and said hi john. I said hi. Tracie asked why im over here. I nervously say Mike just called me to come over. And that I had no idea what Mike had in mind. She nervously laughed and said I don’t have time to play I have to go back to work. I said I honestly have no idea why “Mike” asked me over. I then say is Mike inside she says yes and to just go ahead and go in.

I go into the house and Mike is there with a big smile saying did you see Tracie. I said yes and sat down on the couch and starting watching the baseball game. Mike and I start chatting about how they meet this couple on Saturday and how bad it turned out. he was telling me the nightmare story when Tracie came into the house. Then she joined in on how bad they were and about what happened and how strange the other couple was. Then Tracie goes upstairs to take a shower. After about two minutes Mike looks at me and smiles, then runs upstairs. I continue to watch the game and he comes back down and says she really isn’t going to play she just doesn’t have the time. Just then I hear the shower going. Mike sits down and starts talking that it would be ok for us to go upstairs and suck each other off while Tracie is getting ready to leave. I’m disappointed about not being able to fuck her. So I tell him no and that I think I should get going. We talk for a bit more and the shower stops. Mike again runs up stairs and I guess starts talking to Tracie again. Because two min later he is popping his head down the stairs and says, Tracie says its ok she wants to try this. Mike said when she was in the shower she was thinking about the two of us and that she wanted to play. But she would need to make it quick. I say are you sure? he laughs and says get up here.

I get off the couch and run up stairs. Mike says get your cloths off we want to be ready when she gets out. I ask if he has any condoms he says you wont need one; I tell him I always use a condom. Mike opens a draw and puts one on the table beside the bed. he starts up a porn and we both get on the bed. Well we are on the bed watching the porn and stroking our self’s. When I decide, fuck it lets get this going. So I lean over and wrap my lips around his cock and start bobbing on his dick. His 7 inch cock was rock hard. It felt great to slide my lips down over his shaft. After about a min of me sucking his cock. Tracie walks in and says, Wow I guess you guys are undressed and ready. Mike gets up and pulls his cock out of my mouth then gets on his knees and Tracie crawls on the bed and they start kissing. he reaches over and starts to stroke my cock. she starts moving around the bed with her back facing me and she lifts her leg over my head and places her bald wet pussy from the shower and the excitement right over my face. I wrap my arms around Tracie’s thighs and grab onto that ass and push her pussy down on my face. her thighs and ass are so tight and strong. God dam is she hot. While I am eating her pussy I hear her soft moans. I look down across Tracie’s stomach and I can feel and see her tits bouncing on my stomach. I see his balls and Tracie bobbing up and down on his cock. Mike is still slowly stroking me. I start paying attention to her pussy. I love eating pussy so much. I love the feeling of a woman coming on my face. I start darting my tongue in her pussy hole and lightly licking the sides of her pussy to get her going. Then I wrap my lips around her clit and I lightly suck on it while my tongue is flicking her clit. I have a feeling she likes this because I can hear her muffled moans getting deeper and deeper. She then starts pushing her pussy hard on my face. I feel Tracie’s legs tighten and hear this deep moan. She slows down fucking my face so I am thinking she just came on my face. God dam that makes me hot so I continue doing what I am doing because I want to make her cum again and again. In-between this time I didn’t notice but I am feeling two sets of lips on my cock. I look down again in-between Tracie beautiful tits and I see Mike laying on his stomach and his hand lightly playing with my balls. I go back to licking her pussy some more. Then I can feel a set of lips around my cock because, when Tracie starts sucking my cock she bobs her head and strokes my cock at the same time. You can feel her soft lips on my dick. Then I felt her soft moist lips slip off my cock. Then i can feel mike’s stronger lips wrapped around my cock bobing head head hard on my cock, while he is trying to suck me as hard as he can. I honestly can’t tell you which style is the best. But there was a difference and I was loving it. Tracie lifted her lips from my cock and starts moaning again and again and pushing her pussy down on my face for her fifth orgasm (I swear).

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We are uk couple in 40’s she has good body and is normally quite reserved, everyone’s good friend etc, shy, not outspoken.
But sometimes when she has a couple glasses of wine she changes and gets a bit daring
For example, we like stopping in car when the urge takes us or sometimes plan it
She gets a thrill of potentially getting caught or in the act (weather BJ, finger or fucking, groping) or the thought of a stranger watching in background when we are out and about. Though she won’t admit to it.
But that THRILL aspect turns her into; not quite the lady her friends or work colleagues would expect from her.

We go out regular and went for a Sunday pub lunch a few weeks ago, had few drinks with our meal and general chit chat. Wife felt relaxed when driving home she said to me lets go via the so and so nature lake round the back roads. This surprised me as I normally do the convincing to her. I didn’t question just went that way.

It was about 3,30ish in the afternoon, had been raining and was overcast so not many about at all. Pulled into large car park and not a dam soul in sight. I thought (in my mind) what a waste of time but carried on and parked up. The wife said “Ha Ha bet that’s put you off, no-one being about”. I said “No No”, thinking really, dam!.

I thought not much going to happen here anyway as she was wearing her tight black suit trousers her heels and blouse.
Next thing she lent over in car undid my flies and started to give me a blow job.

I started to call her a dirty bitch (which gets her going); she had defiantly had a few wines in her. I said to her “What are you”? —- (testing the water).
She sat up, looked around (wanting people to be about) and said “I’M a dirty bitch, Come on” she said and proceeded to take down her trousers. (The wine was starting to work).
We started to kiss and grope each other, as you do…

Just then a car came into car park and parked down the other end with a youngish couple in. I said “ there’s a car lets stop” she said “No No give me your cock” and continued to suck on it as her trousers rested around her ankles. I felt her cunt and it was wet, I mean WET.
I told her they were sitting in car looking at our car, her head just went faster and faster as she dribbled and sluped my throbing cock (if only her friends could she mrs reserved now!!).

The couple got out and went to walk in opposite direction along lake path then stopped and started kissing. I told my wife this and she sat up and said “Dirty young couple”,
“Come on lets get out, I said ”NO they will see”, she said “So what, you like this don’t you (meaning she does). I said “Yes but felt nervous” she said “Come on you chicken”.
The other couple were about 50 yards away near some bushes I think they realised what we were up to and pretended to kiss but I were really looking at us.

Anyway the wife opened passenger door swings her legs out of car, still in heels and trousers round ankles. Stands up against side of car and orders me round her side. I jump out run round, look at my wife and say “You dirty fucking slag, just look at you with your sexy black knickers on and trousers round your ankles”. She just said
“I know, (excitement in her tone) lick me, let them watch” as she beckoned me. So I got on my knees and just pulled her knickers aside and started to lick her hairy cunt lips (sse pic), she just groaned.

I looked up and she was just making sure the couple were watching and kept saying “They are defiantly watching us, dirty bastards (turning herself on), come on lick lick” and pushed the back of my head with force. Before my head was force buried into her hairy cunt I said “Get your tits out for them” so she undid her blouse and pulled up her bra and started to play with her big nipples as she lent back against the car.
She then told me to lick her nipples (which she adores). These nipples were rock hard with excitement.

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When my wife and I go out clubbing, we will sometimes meet up with a nice single male that we have talked with over the net. This one time we met a guy named Jim. Jim was 46 6′ 190 lbs. All in all a nice looking guy I noticed my wife’s eyes light up a bit when he came in the club and knew that tonight would be a go for some adult fun.

Debra, my wife is 48 5′ 7 120 lbs 34b and considered to be quite sexy by most we know. I’m 6’5 220 and 7 cut semi thick.

The club was a local swinger friendly place, not real fancy but a fun place to meet and get to know people. To make a long story shorter, we all drank, danced and got to know each other better. Jim and I would take turns dancing with Deb and kept her drinks full and fresh at all times. After awhile, she was feeling no pain and started to take some liberties with both of us at the table. Jim and I would do tequila shots using Deb for help. Deb would lower her top showing us her wonderful tits and we would lick each nipple and then put a bit of salt on each one. We would then lick off the salt, with much gusto, do the shot, rub the lime on each nipple lick that off and just have a bunch of fun doing it Around midnight, we decided it was time to head on out and we headed over to Jim place.

After we arrived at Jim’s place, we all sat on the couch, with Deb in the middle, had a few more drinks while the talk turned more and more to sex. I started to rub Deb’s shoulders and saw Jim start to kiss my wife, very nicely I might add. All of our hands started to get very active with much touching and rubbing between us all. Oh BTW, did I mention that Jim and I were both bi? Anyway after awhile, Jim took Deb’s hand and led her to the bedroom door, took her in his arms and gave her a long slow kiss while rubbing her body through her very sexy, very short black dress. I followed them into the bedroom and watched as Jim slowly undid her dress and let it fall to the floor, revealing her body in her black thigh-hi stockings, garter and black panties. Man, did she look hot I joined them in an embrace, rubbing her tits from behind while kissing her neck while he longingly played with her body while kissing her sucking mouth.


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We fell asleep after fucking for about 30 minutes and she had cum multiple times and I exploded inside of her.

When we woke up in the morning, she rolled over and started to suck my cock. She then asked if I wanted to take a shower. So we made our way into the shower and we cleaned each other. She rubbed soap all over my body, paying attention to cleaning my cock real good. I rubbed her breasts and cleaned her pussy.

After the shower, we got back into bed and the playing started all over again.

Just a recap. She is 32, about 5’6, dirty blonde hair, with C-cup breasts that were heaving to be touched.

She had been divorced for almost two years and was going through her “wild phase” as she put it. She wanted to be dominated completely.

So I rolled her over onto her back and began to tease her pussy again. I rubbed her lips with my fingers, just feeling every inch going up and down the length of her lips. She was getting wetter as I touched her.

I reached up and began to squeeze her breasts in my hand and pinched her nipples really hard. She bit her lip with the tinge of pain.

I then began to finger her slowly, working my finger all the way inside of her and reaching up to feel her g-spot. I rubbed slowly, just stimulating her enough to get her hot and wet, but not enough to make her cum. She moaned as I touched her.

Then I took my finger out and massaged her lips again, circling my fingers up to her clit every so often just to give her more teasing stimulation. She was now totally wet and horny.

“Please fuck me.” She begged.

But I wasn’t done yet with playing with her.

I spread her legs wide and pressed down on her thighs to open up her pussy. I leaned down and inserted my tongue inside her freshly cleaned pussy. She tasted so good in my mouth. I sucked just on the lips within my lips. I licked them up and down.

Then I licked up toward her clit and flicked it with my tongue. She moaned louder. Then I took her clit within my lips and sucked upwards on it, forcing it to swell inside my mouth.

I then inserted a finger inside her, deep as it could go and continued to suck hard on her clit, not letting it go with my lips. Now she was panting with pleasure.

I slowly fingered her.

I kept sucking on her clit like it was a sucking candy, sweet within my mouth.

She was getting wetter and wetter.

I stopped suddenly. She opened her eyes. “Please?” she said.

“I’m going to fuck you,” I said.

“Oh yes.” She said with delight.

I reached into her drawer to get the condoms, I handed it over to her because she liked to put them on my cock. She unrolled it over the big large head and down the shaft.

I then rubbed the head against her clit for a few strokes before I lowered it over her pussy and pushed in slowly. The head separated her lips and she moaned as I stretched her pussy.

Then I moved forward and pushed my cock deep into her. I reached deep inside her pussy. I started to fuck her slowly and deeply.

She opened her legs wider.

“You like my pussy?” she said.

“Yes, Your pussy feels so good.”

“Am I your little slut?”

“Mmm…you’re such a good slut. You take cock like a slut. You’ve had a lot of cocks haven’t you? No one knows how much of a slut you really are.”

“No, Im your secret slut. You can use me however you want.”

I lifted her legs up so that her legs were on my shoulders and I started to pound her pussy hard.

She moaned loudly now. “Oh yes!!!” She was screaming louder and louder as I pounded her good.

Her pussy get really wet and my cock slid in and out really easily. I balanced my body up against my hands and slid my cock all the way out and then slammed it all the way into her.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god!!” she yelled at the top of her lungs.

“Fuck me good.” She said.

At this point, I wanted to really pound her so I lowered her legs again and fucked her really hard and fast. “Oh yes!!”

“Turn over slut.” I said.

She turned around and lowered her head and raised her ass. I inserted my cock inside her pussy from behind, grabbed her hips and started to fuck her fast and hard.

Her pussy felt so good that I could feel myself starting to cum.

“Im going to cum.” I said.

“Yes, cum inside me. I want to feel your cock explode.”

I fucked her hard slamming my balls against her pussy. And then I felt my cock explode.

She tightened her pussy around it, and milked every last squirt.

I collapsed on top of her, breathing heavy for a few seconds.

We rolled over and she snuggled into my arm.

“Was it good for you?” she asked.

“Yes, you have a great pussy.” I said.

Hope you liked the second part of the story. For those that post comments, thank you for the feedback, it is much appreciated. For those that IM me, I am straight, so not looking for any bisexual men. But I do chat with couples, and women and you do not need to be from the NYC area in order for me to talk to you. I enjoy making new friends from all over.