cucking hubby with another guy

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cucking hubby with another guy

Last Saturday night turned into a very interesting one for my wife and I. It started out as a conversation about having another guy come over for my wife to suck off. I didn’t really think it would happen as we have never done anything like that before. My wife is 23 and while she wasn’t a virgin when we met she didn’t have a whole lot of experience. Something like this would be a major out-of –the-box experience. Well she said she would consider it. She was working Saturday morning and I went to visit her for lunch. When I left I told her I was going to go home and start looking for another cock she could suck.

Her reply was “ok”. It was exciting thinking about it but I didn’t really expect to find someone real quick. I went home and posted an ad on a website and within minutes started receiving replies. There was one guy who seemed to fit for what we were looking for and we started conversing by email. We decided to take the next step and set a time for him to stop by at around 8:30pm that night. My wife was extremely nervous but wasn’t backing down. The guy arrived right on time. We let him in and started with some small talk. We eventually all sat down on the couch with her in between us and popped in an adult movie. It wasn’t long before he started running his hand up and down her leg. She was just sitting there letting him touch her, not sure of what to do. I whispered in her ear to go ahead and she started rubbing his leg and crotch.

He took that as a sign and moved his other hand to her breast. She was wearing a loose fitting summer tank top and he soon had her left breast out and was sucking it. I was on her right and playing with her right breast and nipple. When she is in the mood, she loves her nipples played with and can practically cum from her nipples being stimulated. By this time she had both our cocks out and in her hands. She looked like she was having a great time with a cock in each hand. I whispered in her ear again and told her to suck him.

She got up from the coach and got on her knees on the floor in front of him and started removing his pants and then dove right in taking him deep into her mouth. She now had her top off and he was reaching down and playing with her breasts. I sat there for a few minutes watching my sexy wife suck on another cock. What a sight. I got up and went behind her and took the rest of her clothes off. Now I was looking at my wife naked on her knees in front of another guy and his cock going in and out of her mouth. I took of my shorts and entered her from behind. She didn’t say anything but I was pretty sure she was enjoying the feel of a cock at each end. He was ready to pop and was trying to stop her but I told him to let her finish you off. I was pretty close myself but didn’t want to cum yet so I pulled out and watched her do her thing. He started to cum so she pulled his cock out and let him cum all over her breasts. When he was done she looked up at me and I saw a drip of cum on her lower lip and all over her breasts. I snapped a couple photos before she went to go clean up. He cleaned up, got dressed, said thanks, and was out the door. Then the wife and I went back to finish what we started. She started sucking me before I ended up getting her puss and her backside. It was a great night and hopefully not our last

cucking hubby with another guy

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