cuckolded husband jerk off

January 10, 2011 by: cuckold_videos
cuckolded husband jerk off


The thing I liked the most about being a cuckold husband was the fact that I could watch my love, my wife for over 10 years be treated like a piece of ass and nothing more. There was something about sitting back and jerking off as she got slammed by dicks twice my size. And then after a few minutes or so hearing her scream out as she came or begged for more was the icing on the cake.

My wife Tina is 38 years old but looks like she is still in her 20′s her long blond hair still flows over her shoulder sexily, her amazing natural 36d breast were always shown off in nearly every top she wore. I never planned on becoming a cuckold husband but when I walked in on my wife fucking our younger neighbor I was shocked but also turned on. So my cuckold lifestyle started.

She came out from the bathroom in a tight black and white corset , a garter belt and stockings. It was for Mark her latest boyfriend. He was 23 years old, tall Italian man with the cock the size of a black man’s. I sat back in my chair and admire my wife as she bent down to place her heels on. The door bell rang and I got up to get it.

“ Hi.” He walked pasted me as if I was nothing. And right then I was just a cuckold husband there to enjoy the free show. “ I loved that you dressed up for me.” He whispered as she got up. She smiled big and her eyes looked over him as his hands latched onto the belt and pulled her closer. They began to kiss…..

cuckolded husband jerk off

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