he wants to fuck my wife

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My wife and I have been swingers on and off for about 8 yrs now. We have enjoyed several FFM, FMM and FMFM encounters and a couple of group encounters over the yrs. We have been in a dry spell for a while not being able to get away because of family things.

My wife and I are in our early 40′s, she is still as hot today as the day I met her. Blonde hair, brown eyes, 5’4″, 120lbs 36d boobs.

Well she has been telling me for a while that a co-worker has been flirting with her a lot and she came home one day last week and said B wants to fuck me. I told her every guy wants to fuck you, the wife says no he really does. I told her to set it up call his bluff. We have always played
together so this would be new to us.

Well the next day B came in to my wifes office and was flirting and saying his wife would be gone a week to Vegas. My wife asked him what he was doing this weekend since his wife was gone. He said he was going to drink some beer and have some fun, then the wife asked him you want to have fun Sunday. She said his expression was priceless, his jaw dropped to the floor and he gave her a quisical look. B asked the wife are you serious and she said yes are you all talk no play. He said he would call her Saturady and tell her where to meet Sunday.

B has a some farms with houses on them and in process of selling two. B called the wife and said to meet him at one of them Sunday at 7:00. Around 5:00 oclock the wife started to get ready shaved her pus, she keeps a small landing strip. A 6:30 she came out dressed in a white mesh top that showed her beautuiful tits a pair of short shots showing her hot legs and ass. I told her she was so hot that B would bust a nut just seeing her.

The wife drives to his farm and meets him at he house, they go inside and its hot, its so hot in the house shes says she cant do it. B thinks quick and says I have a heavy sleeping bag we can put it on the back of my flat bed ton truck. Well by this time it was early evening sun setting a cool breeze blowing and they got on the truck bed. The wife says the first thing B does is pull her shirt off and kisses her hard, the wife unsnaps B’s pant’s and pulls his cock out. B steps back and takes his clothes of and the wife does the same. The wife lays on her back and B goes to stucking her boobs and fingering her cunt and works his tongue down to her pussy. Wife says he was eating her good when she kind of grad his cock and they manuevered into a 69 with her on top. After a lil while of that she rolled off and got on all 4′s and stuck her ass in the air. B got behind her and slid his cock in her and starting pumping for all he was worth the wife said she came once right before he did filling her pussy full of cum. The wife loves to be naked outdoors and she was still horny so she turned around and started sucking their juices off his cock trying to get him hard again. B said he had been so excited thinking about it all day that he doubt if he could get up again. They put their clothes on and she came home to me and we had the best sex we’ve had in a long time. I love sloppy seconds but I dont eat cream pies.

he wants to fuck my wife

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