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The cuckoldress is ruthless.  She enjoys humiliating her husband just as much as she enjoys fucking other guys anytime she wants.  She loves the pained look in her cuckold husband’s eyes when she gets herself ready for another guy to come over to their house and fuck her senseless.

She takes extra time sliding on her silky black stockings and high heels, and putting on dark red lipstick and expensive perfume while he sits on the bed and watches her preparing to open her mouth and pussy to another man.  She loves making him hide in the closet with the door slightly ajar to have him watch as she spreads her legs wide to receive the huge cock of her co-worker.

Right when she’s about to cum, she’ll shout the other guy’s name and tell him that her husband never fucks her this good.  And as the final humiliation, she makes her husband rinse out her lingerie in the sink by hand and sleep in the wet spot on the bed that’s still sticky from another guy’s jizz.  And all he can do is lay there and jerk off as she giggles and then rolls over to go to sleep.

Oh yes, I really want my wife to fuck other men

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