my own bull and cuckold movie

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So I’m standing there in my kitchen while my girlfriend is getting fucked from behind by her best friend. They both know I’m not going to do anything about it so they just carry on and don’t even listen to me. To begin with, her lover steps back and nearly trips over me. In true cuckold movie style my girlfriend pauses, turns to me and tells me to stand out of the fucking way because she’s “trying to get a decent fuck for once”. Well this was something straight out of the cuckold movies world wasn’t it? And do you know what I did? I did move. In fact I moved right over to the other side of the room and said nothing.

Occasionally, like every good cuckold movie, my girlfriend would look over at me and tell me to quit fucking staring or something equally as rude. And it was when she realised I was taking it on the chin like this that she told me to strip naked. I wasn’t quick to do it believe me, I felt humiliated already, and it was quite clear that her lover had a much bigger cock than me; in fact he had take it out of her pussy and she was stroking it while she was talking to me. This was just like a cuckold movie and I was actually starting to go along with it in exactly the way you’d expect a young cuckold to do when he’s learning the ropes.

The moment of truth was here, and just like in all good cuckold videos I’ve seen since that day, I knew that I had to strip and become even more humiliated than I was already! As I stripped myself off, much to the surprise of my girlfriend’s lover, who was beginning to look a little more uncomfortable than I was when I walked in, I knew that I was going to completely and utterly humiliated. I’ve never seen a cuckold movie since this day that has had a cuckold with a bigger cock than his woman’s lover, have you? Of course you haven’t, because guys with big cocks do not become cuckolds; they make them!

The two of them were talking to each other about how pathetic I was and how I wasn’t arguing about any of this and how they knew my cock was going to be tiny. He had already started to grab his own cock in a self satisfied kind of way, and he was rubbing it near my girlfriend’s legs as they waited for me to get mine out. When I finally got it out they both laughed out loud in true cuckold movie style and carried on fucking each other without even looking at me. The only thing either one of them said after this was my girlfriend telling me to fetch them both a drink, but not to put my clothes on, they’d like to be served by me naked.

my own bull and cuckold movie

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