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My wife had been acting odd all evening, and I could feel something in the air at the local bar where we usually spent our Friday nights.  She kept staring at the new black bartender, and doing schoolgirl shit like batting her eyelashes, giggling, and playing with her long hair.

When she did pay attention to me, it was only to call me a useless fuck  When the bartender had finished his shift, she had me drive the three of us back to our house, where she didn’t waste any time starting to fuck him right on our bed.

I couldn’t take my eyes off his huge dick pumping in and out of her swollen pussy lips while she moaned his name and shot me dirty looks.  My useless hard-on in my hand, I was forced to watch as he shot his load all over her tits and she made me lick it off.

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I knew my wife had been fucking the neighbor for months – they didn’t even bother to hide it anymore.  When he knocked on the door to borrow something again, I didn’t even bother asking what he wanted and called my wife to the door.

I didn’t think they’d actually be so shameless as to start fucking right in front of me, but I was mistaken.  I watched in shameful embarrassment as he whipped out his much bigger dick and my wife wrapped her lips around it, gobbling him deep into her throat like I wasn’t even there.

But greedy cuckoldress bitch that she is, she ordered me to rub her clit while our neighbor fucked her, since that’s about all I was good for.  After what seemed like hours and my wife had cum several times, he made me lick her pussy juice off his dick afterwards before he walked back home

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Who doesn’t love an interracial gangbang?  Perhaps the cuckold husband, especially when the only time he’s invited to join in is to wipe the sweat off the big black studs repeatedly fucking his wife.  What could be more humiliating than watching your horny wife bent over gobbling a huge black cock while she gets her luscious pussy fucked by yet another black cock?

It gets even more degrading when she finally bothers to acknowledge her husband, only to tell him that his dick could never compare to what she’s getting now and that she hopes he’s taking notes and learning something.  Or even worse, commanding him to take video of the whole thing so that they can watch it together later.   These cuckoldresses have no pity as they fuck anyone from the neighbor to his best friend while all he can do is sit there and watch with his pathetic dick in his hand.

Sometimes to top it off she’ll even make him wipe the jizz off the couch and gather up her lovers’ clothes and drive them home afterwards.  But the cuckold is invariably so pussy whipped by his wife that he’ll put up with her outrageous antics in hope that she’ll allow him to eat her pussy once in awhile.

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Cuckolds just seem to get off on being humiliated. They just sit there and take it as they watch their wives go up to strange men in bars, pick them up, and then have the husband drive them home.

He has to sit there on the chair while he watches his gorgeous wife strip down to her garters and heels and start sucking some other guy’s huge dick.

His wife won’t even let him jerk himself off for a little bit of satisfaction. He just has to sit there and stare at her and her lover wrap their legs and tongues around each other in a frenzy of sweaty fucking. The cuckoldress takes devious pleasure in insulting her husband’s inadequate cock and shamelessly saying how good it feels to be properly fucked by a big, tireless stud.

She tells her husband that he deserves this for being such a lousy lay, but she might permit him to occasionally suck her nipples or massage her clit while she’s getting her pussy pumped by the local gas station attendant.

But she usually won’t let him touch her, and even has the gall to make him wash her pussy afterwards with a soft washcloth.

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Cuckolds have been the world’s joke for centuries as abusive and horny wives have no shame in humiliating their hapless husbands by fucking other men right in front of them.

Some cuckold videos even show the poor husband being commanded to watch and take verbal abuse while his wife gets her mouth and pussy stuffed with some stranger’s cock. The cuckoldress will take pleasure in shouting out her lover’s name as she spreads her legs wide for another man while looking her husband right in the eye and smiling.

Sometimes she’ll even goad her lover into forcing her husband to lick his balls while the wife sucks his dick literally right over his nose until he shoots his load all over his hair.

The wives just keep getting more merciless in their quest to humiliate their husbands, occasionally even sending him out to buy a nice bottle of wine that he’s not allowed to share in after watching his wife’s latest banging buddy eat her pussy and then shove his dick in her mouth while they laugh at him and call him needle dick.

But the cuckold just keeps putting up with it because he’s too much of a chickenshit to tell his wife no.

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Cuckolding just seems to keep getting more and more outrageous. It used to be that it was enough for a wife to not bother to hide her cheating tracks – to come home with messy hair, razor burn on her face, and a dripping pussy with no explanation offered.

But these wives show cuckolding at its humiliating finest, with the cuckold husband actually being forced to watch in real time as his slutty wife slurps on some strange guy’s cock or gets her greedy cunt pummeled by the electrician’s enviable dick.

Then his wicked cuckoldress will rub salt in the wounds by telling her husband that he’s a lousy lay and that she only wants him in the bedroom when he’s watching her get fucked by someone else and hopefully learning something so that he can make her cum once in a blue moon.

Sometimes she makes him stick his face right up close and personal to her throbbing pussy and her lover’s hard cock – close enough for him to get her pussy juice right on his face while she’s getting fucked good and hard. And then afterwards she’ll make her husband fix them breakfast after he changes the sheets and finds her slippers.

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We’ve seen tons of cuckold videos, and each one is often more humiliating than the next. It’s unreal what the cuckold will suffer just to keep his wife satisfied. She’ll call her husband humiliating names, insult his cock and technique, and just keep pushing the envelope of shame while he does nothing but say, “Yes, dear.”

She’ll order him to play bartender to her interracial gangbangs, bringing drinks to half a dozen young black studs she’s invited over to fuck her silly. All he can do is watch his lovely wife wearing nothing but platform shoes and jewelry he bought for her on the bed with one black cock deep down her throat and another ebony rod shoved deep into her pussy while she cums over and over again with no help from him.

Sometimes her black lovers will call him a stupid white boy in between orders to get them another drink, adjust the pillows, or change the music. Once she even made her cuckold husband lick the combination of pussy juice and jizz right off their dicks when they were finally finished.

But it would seem like these husbands get a certain degree of enjoyment by being cuckolded by their bold, horny wives.

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Erotic Cuckold videos run the gamut from the cuckolded husband being humiliated as he’s forced to watch his wife suck, fuck, and lick another guy or guy’s dick.

The husband kind of joins in as a more or less peripheral partner, usually only being allowed to suck his wife’s tits or fondle her ass while someone else has a go at her pussy, mouth, and ass. He sits there helplessly as his wife pants in his ear while she’s getting her slippery pussy fucked by a guy she met at the grocery store last week.

His dick is easily two inches longer than his and as fat as a cucumber, and he watches it pump in and out of the snatch that should only be his to fuck and lick. Once, this evil cuckoldress even had the nerve to order her husband to lick her lover’s asshole while he had his face between her long legs, making her cum several times while he had his sorry tongue buried in some strange man’s anus.

Then she turned over to take this guy’s rock hard cock up her little pink asshole and told her husband to get busy massaging the guy’s balls while he ass fucked his own wife on their bed. Thats why we love erotic cuckold videos and the hot scenes that get us off!


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The cuckold just can’t or won’t stand up for himself when it comes to his wife screwing other men.  As much as it pains him, he feels both powerless and excited when he watches his wife suck and fuck dozens of other big-dicked dudes again and again.

The real kicker is that sometimes the haughty cuckoldress laughs at her husband’s humiliation.  She’ll look him right in the eye while she’s bent over a chair getting her soaking wet pussy pounded by a complete stranger she picked up at a bar and tell him she’s never had it this good, that his mediocre dick could never compare to the massive fuck stick she’s getting pumped with now.

Sometimes she’ll make her cuckold husband suck her tits while she’s getting fucked by his old college buddy.  Sometimes she’ll even order him to massage her lover’s asshole while she sucks his cock, and then clean up her boy toy’s hot white cum off her neck – with his tongue.  He knows he shouldn’t tolerate this kind of behavior from his wife, but he’ll do anything to keep her and her insatiable pussy happy.

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A lot of guys with a cuckold fetish have their fantasy center around an interracial fuckfest involving their own precious wife and some big black stud.  The husband has to sit on a chair a few feet from the bed and watch his wife getting pounded good and hard by a young black buck.  He watches his wife on all fours spreading her pink pussy wide open for a huge black cock, agonizing as his dark hands reach around to squeeze her milky white tits and rub her throbbing clit.

His wife moans and pants and then looks him right in the eye and says this black guy fucks so much better than he ever could.  The black guy agrees and even rubs it in further by telling him he’ll fuck his wife anytime and anywhere he wants and there’s nothing he can do about it.

The cuckold can only sit there with his useless hard-on while he watches his wife cum with some black guy’s cock deep in her pussy and his finger in her puckered little pink asshole.   In between gasps, the nasty little cuckoldress just keeps telling him how good she’s getting fucked and that he should even take some pictures.

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