sex denial for husbands

Cuckolds just seem to get off on being humiliated. They just sit there and take it as they watch their wives go up to strange men in bars, pick them up, and then have the husband drive them home.

He has to sit there on the chair while he watches his gorgeous wife strip down to her garters and heels and start sucking some other guy’s huge dick.

His wife won’t even let him jerk himself off for a little bit of satisfaction. He just has to sit there and stare at her and her lover wrap their legs and tongues around each other in a frenzy of sweaty fucking. The cuckoldress takes devious pleasure in insulting her husband’s inadequate cock and shamelessly saying how good it feels to be properly fucked by a big, tireless stud.

She tells her husband that he deserves this for being such a lousy lay, but she might permit him to occasionally suck her nipples or massage her clit while she’s getting her pussy pumped by the local gas station attendant.

But she usually won’t let him touch her, and even has the gall to make him wash her pussy afterwards with a soft washcloth.

my hot wife fucking
my hot wife fucking

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