my wife in a strip club

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It all started with a trip to a local strip club. Mary and I went in and got a table to watch the girls. A few of the girls stopped by our booth and chatted with us but we mostly just sat and watched the girls performing on the stage. Several of them came over to us and sat down to talk. I think some of the female strippers like dancing for other good looking women. Must be a competitive thing. Mary is very good looking with a great body. She is about 5’4” and 110lbs. After about a half hour, we decided to go upstairs where they had a strip club for women. Up in that part of the club they had men doing the dancing and stripping down to a G string just large enough to cover their dicks. We sat there together while Mary enjoyed the guys on stage. Just like downstairs with the girls, the guys would come up to the tables and offer private dances. Finally, Mary commented on how good looking one of them was, and how she wouldn’t mind a private dance from him. We invited him to sit down. His name was Justin. After a short conversation he and Mary headed off to a dark corner of the room for her private dance. I could make out Justin dancing for Mary and could see her smiling, but that was about it. The room was fairly dark. He danced for a couple of songs and then they sat and talked for a couple more songs before coming back over to the table I was at. Mary seemed very excited about Justin but he had to get back to work and said his goodbyes. Mary had this smile on her face and I asked what she was so happy about. She told me that while Justin was dancing for her, he (like all good male strippers) would gyrate his hips and his barely covered dick just inches from her face. She got so excited by this, she asked him if she could touch his dick while he was dancing. He said sure and danced in a way so his crotch was down near her hand. With that, Mary pulled his little G string bikini aside and stoked his dick to a full hard on. She had to stop because he said he was about to cum right there. Unfortunately, while nobody could see her jacking him off, it wasn’t private enough for her to finish him off with a blow job, which is what she said she wanted to do. The reason they sat and talked after the dancing was because his dick was so hard and big, he couldn’t get it back into his G string. But, the reason she was really smiling was because she got his phone number and had arranged for the three of us to get together back at our hotel so she could finish what she started.

The next night Mary arranged for Justin to meet us at our hotel. She was really excited. She thought this was one of the best looking and best built guys she had seen in a long time. Justin was built too. He was a male stripper and had the body for it. We went up to our room so Mary and Justin could get to know each other a lot better. I relaxed on the bed while they kissed and touched each other all over. I was becoming very excited watching Mary with this very muscular guy. He was much larger than her. They slowly undressed each other and soon they were both standing there, in front of me completely naked. Their hands were all over each other as they explored each others bodies. Justin was sucking on Mary’s hard nipples while she stroke his cock to life just like the night before. Soon she had it in her mouth and he was moaning with pleasure. This is what Mary had wanted to do to him at the club. After awhile, Justin laid Mary down on the bed and started eating out her pussy like there was no tomorrow. She was cumming over and over. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I too stripped my clothes off and let Mary suck my hard dick. She said she wanted to suck on Justin’s dick again. So Justin came up and she gobbled it back up again. I watched her feast on his big dick and decided to jam my dick into her wet pussy from behind. She came immediately. She was kneeling on the bed deep throating Justin’s cock while she was receiving my hard dick from behind. She was moaning with double pleasure at this point. I think Justin was pretty turned on too. He was just lying back enjoying the blow job while watching Mary get fucked at the other end. Justin sat up enough so he could reach back and give Mary a spank on the ass. At first I didn’t know if she would like that. It was this first time anyone had ever spanked her in a sexual manner. My fears were quickly relieved when she moaned with pleasure. Justin continued the friendly but firm spanks until her ass was nice and rosy. She was cumming continuously the whole time. Her pussy had never been wetter. I didn’t want to cum too soon so I pulled out and watched the two of them move into a 69. Justin was tonguing Mary’s freshly fucked pussy and she continued to milk every drop of Justin’s pre-cum out of his dick that she could. Justin turned around and got Mary on her back and positioned himself between her spread eagle legs. Then he started slapping her pussy with his hard dick while Mary squeezed her tits. I could see droplets of milk oozing out of her breasts as she laid there moaning with pleasure. I walked back over to her and offered her my dick. She immediately engulfed the whole thing into her mouth. Justin looked at me and asked if we were still OK with him fucking Mary. I gave him a reassuring nod. Even though Mary was in a sexual frenzy, I reminded Justin to use a condom. Even though Justin was a great guy, we did just meet him. Mary likes the feeling of hot cum shooting into her pussy but she really needs to know the person before she’ll let that happen. Justin dick was about the same size as mine and had no problem sliding into Mary’s soaking wet pussy. I have always fantasized about her getting fucked by some huge dick but seeing her fucked by a really well built Las Vegas stripper was just as good. After a while Justin was getting close to cumming so Mary wanted Justin and I to switch. That way she would get the best of both of us. I would fill her pussy with my hot cum and she would be able to suck Justin off and taste his cum in her mouth. She loves giving head and drinking cum. And nobody is better at it than she is. I came first and Mary met every one of my thrusts with one of her own until I had emptied my entire load inside her. I could see my cum leaking out her as my dick started to soften. I looked up and saw Justin fucking Mary’s face like he was fucking her pussy. When he started to cum, Mary grabbed his ass with both hands to hold him in her mouth. He came more than anyone I had ever seen. Mary had no problem swallowing every drop. Justin looked complete spent. Mary looked ravishing. As she opened her mouth lick him clean, I could see cum still in her mouth.
my wife in a strip club

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