my wifes seduction

First let me thank all the guys who answered my ad in the personals on this site for someone to seduce my wife. I was surprised with the amount of replies I received.
The person I picked out who I will call John, (not his real name but the real person knows who he is).
John fitted the bill perfectly, from his features I knew my wife would find him good looking and he had a decent build, he was recently separated from his wife of 6 years.
John sent me some pictures of himself clothed and unclothed and he definitely had the apparatus to do the job.

I contacted John and we met at a local coffee shop, he told me that he had not been with other women other than his wife, and was clean. I showed him a picture of my wife and told him some intimate details that would help in the quest. I also requested that I be kept fully informed by him of everything that happened.

John suggested that in order to make her more horny and ready for seduction that perhaps we should wait a couple of weeks during which time I should avoid having sex with her.
I agreed, as we usually did it 2 or 3 times a week after 2 weeks she would be climbing the wall.

I thought the best place for John to meet my wife would be at the gym that she frequents, I had some free passes that I gave him and told him that she was a regular on Sunday mornings as soon as they opened.

After the 2 week period John called me and told me he had “bumped” into my wife and had started a conversation at the gym and they had had coffee afterwards. He told me that he had come on to her and tried to set up a date. She had not agreed to anything, but she did keep his phone number.

The following week John called me back and told me that she had contacted him and that they were going to meet for lunch, John said he would try to make his move and get her back to his place.

On Wednesday afternoon about 3 pm. I received a phone call at work from John. He said “guess what I have just finished fucking your wife”. He told me that after a little persuasion she had accompanied him to his place, once inside he told me that it did not take much before he had his hand in her panties, and from there into the bedroom.
He told me that it had been a great afternoon and that she was a very good fuck and that she had really enjoyed it and wanted to meet him again for more of the same. He asked if it was OK for him to continue to meet her and fuck her. I said yes but he had to let me know all the details.

He suggested at the next time he would call me on the bedroom phone just prior to their encounter and leave it on speaker so I could at least hear the goings on.

At this time I am looking forward to next Sunday and getting the phone call.

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